Saturday, 30 May 2015

Saturday Show: Garden Fancy

Hello Peeps,

Today's Show is one that the Mother has finished in the last few weeks. She started it about 6 years ago and is sooooo happy to finally have finished it!

Isn't it lovely?!


It is just a simple square-in a square-in a square. But the Mother just loves it simplicity and coolio fabrics.

The Mother found this pretty pink fabric to use for the binding. 

This is the coolio backing that she used.
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Hello Baa, that quilt is just soooo beautiful. Those are definately my kind of colours, love them all. The Mother sure does make some gorgeous quilts. She will be pleased to enjoy it after just six short years :-)

  2. What a beautiful quilt! You must be thrilled to have it finished! Lovely fabrics! :) x

  3. So sweet....both Baa and your Mom's quilt.

  4. A beautiful quilt! I love the simplicity of squares too.

  5. You're looking so snuggly in the quilt there, I'm impressed you came back out from under it to post this little note!! It's a beautiful quilt, sometimes the simplest designs stand out so much better!

  6. This quilt puts me in mind of the ones that my grandma used to make. The colours and simple pattern makes it look vintage. Love it!

  7. I don't blame her it is so soft and feminine looking. I think it is lovely.

  8. What a fantastic finish, she must be so very proud of it! I want to dive into my screen and snuggle under it right now xx