Friday, 11 January 2019

Not What We Were Hoping For...

Hello Peeps,

I wish you all a VERY belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Miss H and I have been rather quiet on my blog lately because the placement she was soooo very excited about has not turned out the way she was hoping it would. In fact, Miss H has found it incredibly difficult as she struggles with their philosophy and teaching techniques. At times, it is just plain awful! But, thankfully, there are also some fun times like one little boy who rushes over to give her a hug each morning.

This was Miss H's first week back after a two week break in the middle of her 6 week placement for Christmas and New Year's. I am looking forward to showing you the coolio wall-hanging the Mother made her for Christmas and the presents Miss H made for the Mother that she managed to keep a surprise (Miss H is terrible at keeping presents as surprises because she gets sooooo excited about what she is making for the person and how much they will love it that she can't resist telling them! Oh dear!). But for this first blog post in 2019, I wanted to show you what Miss H has been stitching over her placement (to keep herself sane)!

This little hedgehog and praying mantis are for a cushion Miss H is planning which uses up the leftover fabric from a charm pack. The charm pack was used to make a wall-hanging so the cushion will pair nicely. 

How cute is this golden retriever? No plans have been made yet as to what he will be used for. 

These two sets of camping themed stitcheries are going to be made into bookmarks for Miss H's library that has taken over the spare room. 

Quack! Quack! Quack!

I think this one is shrimply the best!

Roses are red!
Miss H's favouritest flower are roses.

Miss H finished this stitchery just before Christmas but there wasn't time to make it into a mini quilt. 

Miss H's Auntie went to a quilt shop last week and when she came across this fabric she instantly thought of Miss H. 

Isn't it gorgeous? It has words related to birds.

And this matching fabric has the most beautiful birds on it. Look at those amazing flowers, too!
Miss H can't wait to make it into something... the hardest part is what should she make?

Love from
Baa. xxx