Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Quilting Teachers

Hello Peeps,

A few weeks ago the Mother and Miss H started teaching Miss H's pen-pal, Flower, and her siblings how to quilt.

They are really good at playing all sorts of musical instruments and last Friday they put on a special show for the Mother, Miss H, and me.

Yep, that's me helping to turn the pages!

And yes, they let me play ........well, they let me think I was playing......
They entertained us with piano, cello, violin, and clarinet.  So wonderful!!

Then we had some yummy afternoon tea.  Miss H and the Mother made the afternoon tea - our contribution for the afternoon.
They are making a quilt each (and most of the quilts are double-sided). There are 4 teenagers - 3 of them triplets, one boy and two girls. They have chosen a special name to be called by on my blog.
Here are some progress pictures:  

 This is Spinelemash's quilt. He is the only boy. There is still another part to add to the quilt.

This is sNaP's quilt. She loves pink and purples. sNaP had such fun designing it herself. I will let you in on a little secret, she is going to add something musical to her quilt - but I am not allowed to tell you what.

This one is Flower's quilt. It is going to be longer than this because she is going to add a couple more borders and some more squares.

Hmmm.....it passes my cuddly and scrunchy test perfectly.

And this is the youngest one's quilt. Her name is JOY'all.
This is going to be the back of the quilt...

...and she will sew this together for the front!  

 They are all doing an awesome job of this quilting thing!! 

Love From
Baa. xxx

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Holiday Stitching!

Hello Peeps,

Last week while on holiday Miss H and the Mother did lots of hand stitching. Here is what they created:

The Mother stitched a pretty little stitchery on a fabric napkin she found at the Op Shop.

And a cute little Christmas birdie designed by Jenny of Elefantz.

She stitched another design by Jenny. This lovely stitchery was framed in a simple white frame.

Then the Mother decided to make some hearts to fill her empty basket.

Look at me!  I think I should have 'happy' stitched on my tummy!

Aren't they coolio?  Made from linen from an old pair of trousers, lace and dollies from the op shop and then embroidered - she thinks it was a Jenny pattern in a magazine she used to have.

Miss H finally put together her Windsor Lane charm squares and decided on two lovely bunnies in felt for the bottom to finish it off.  I think it is going to look beautiful when it is all finished.

 Then the Mother asked Miss H to stitch this lovely camel for her - she will use it at Christmas time.
Miss H also got started on her little stitcheries from her new book - she got it for her birthday!  She is making them to put in her 2 1/2 inch postage stamp quilt. Gotta love, love that Orangatang!

I can only show you a sneak peek of this one because it is for Mother's Day.
Love From
Baa. xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Last Week of School Holidays!

Hello Peeps,

It was the last week of the holidays so the Mother and Miss H went to Whitianga for the week.

Unfortunately it rained for the first few days, so they watched the Hobbit movies and then The Lord of the Ring movies while doing lots of hand stitching. (I will show you what they stitched up next week.)

When the sun started shining they went on a road trip to Coromandel.

We stopped at this beach to take some photos.

Then we had what was supposed to be a quick detour to Matarangi, but we couldn't find the road access to the beach and instead got lost in the maze of roads.

In the end we did find the beach, and we had a quick walk to stretch our legs and give the Enemy a run. 

This is looking down on Coromandel Township.

The Mother, Miss H, and the Enemy had an ice-cream each - I wanted one too but I wasn't allowed.

This is the Enemy and I on part of Coromandel Beach.
The Boss was able to come on Thursday afternoon.

So on Friday Miss H and the Boss went kayaking. I definitely did NOT want to go with them - the ocean is far too big for a small sheepie like myself.

 Miss H caught two yummy (I was told they were yummy) kahawai. The Boss did all the messy work - gutting, filleting, smoking...

Love From
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Saturday Show: Owl Always Love You

Hello Peeps,

Today's Saturday Show is a one of the first quilts Miss H made. It was one that started her love of aqua and owls.

Miss H designed it herself (with help from the Mother). Isn't it coolio?

This is the owl fabric she decided to centre the quilt around.

The whole quilt has been quilted and tied with buttons by the Mother. Miss H started hand quilting it but she found it so difficult to pick up all the layers with her needle that she asked the Mother to do it. 

The thread used to stitch the squares was originally a sparkly thread. Unfortunately it broke so often. So the Mother added some ordinary brown thread with one strand of the sparkly one which made it a lot easier. 

The pinwheels each have a button in the middle.

Miss H put the cutest aqua spotted fabric on the back.

The border fabric the Mother found is absolutely perfect. It includes all the colours in the quilt.
Even with all the difficulties to make it this quilt is one that Miss H will always love. 

Love From
Baa. xxx

Friday, 10 April 2015

Triangles, triangles, triangles.

Hello Peeps,

Miss H has a job looking after a couple of children before and after preschool. So she thought she would make them some special toys to play with when they visited.

When she saw this pattern, she knew it was perfect!

Here are the two triangle creatures she has made.

This is Deeno. Isn't he such a coolio dinosaur?

And his spikes are nice and soft prairie points.  

 Meet Bruce. He is a friendly vegetarian shark who loves playing with children - not eating them!

He has one fin so he can pretend to be the shark from Jaws!

Miss H has plans to make a lot more for the little girls to play with when they visit. Can you guess the animals she is going to make?

Love From
Baa. xxx

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

It's the Holidays!!! YAY!!!

Hello Peeps,

We spent Easter in Pauanui with friends. It was such fun.

Clever Master I-Zee (Kit Kat's brother) made the Mother a lovely paper swan. Isn't it coolio?

Today, Miss H had an adorable 3 year old to look after ALL day! I helped too. It was such fun. We feed ducks, made cards, played with toys, made a flower posy, ate chocolate and so many more things.  Here are some pictures of a few things we did:

It was Master C and Miss R's birthday (they are twins). So we sneakily attached balloons to their letter box and put their presents inside.
Then it was on to a fabric shop.

Anna, Elsa, and I enjoyed looking at all the pretty fabric. 

And we also baked Milo Koala Bear Cookies. They were yummy!
Pop by on Friday to see what Miss H has made with triangles.
Love From
Baa. xxx