Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Quilting Teachers

Hello Peeps,

A few weeks ago the Mother and Miss H started teaching Miss H's pen-pal, Flower, and her siblings how to quilt.

They are really good at playing all sorts of musical instruments and last Friday they put on a special show for the Mother, Miss H, and me.

Yep, that's me helping to turn the pages!

And yes, they let me play ........well, they let me think I was playing......
They entertained us with piano, cello, violin, and clarinet.  So wonderful!!

Then we had some yummy afternoon tea.  Miss H and the Mother made the afternoon tea - our contribution for the afternoon.
They are making a quilt each (and most of the quilts are double-sided). There are 4 teenagers - 3 of them triplets, one boy and two girls. They have chosen a special name to be called by on my blog.
Here are some progress pictures:  

 This is Spinelemash's quilt. He is the only boy. There is still another part to add to the quilt.

This is sNaP's quilt. She loves pink and purples. sNaP had such fun designing it herself. I will let you in on a little secret, she is going to add something musical to her quilt - but I am not allowed to tell you what.

This one is Flower's quilt. It is going to be longer than this because she is going to add a couple more borders and some more squares.

Hmmm.....it passes my cuddly and scrunchy test perfectly.

And this is the youngest one's quilt. Her name is JOY'all.
This is going to be the back of the quilt...

...and she will sew this together for the front!  

 They are all doing an awesome job of this quilting thing!! 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. By the sounds of it, they are a very talented family. How wonderful to be able to play all those different instruments. A whole band! Lucky you were there to turn the music sheets, Baa. Everyone's quilts are looking good too. Well done on Miss H and Mother for teaching them.

  2. Wow! They really are doing an awesome job! I love seeing young people learning new creative techniques! They sound like they are already a well accomplished group... fabulous to have them play for you! :) x

  3. So much talent, playing the piano, violin, cello and clarinet! The quilts are gorgeous. Good job teaching.

  4. What a lovely post Baa ... what a yummy looking afternoon tea after the concert. Those quilts are looking wonderful - all quite different but lovely. Gosh what a talented family & I love the names they have chosen to be called :-)