Sunday, 30 March 2014

Choo choo Train and Opera!

Hello Peeps,

On Saturday night Miss H, The Mother and Grandma went to see Sol3 Mio. They are three Samoan opera singers (who grew up in NZ) with absolutely AMAZING voices. 
We went into Auckland City on the train.

 So, we got our tickets.

And looked at the schedule to make sure we got on the right train. 

There is our train arriving in the background. 

 Sitting on the seat - but then Miss H informed me that the seats were for humans only. So where do sheep sit? I asked.

Oh, that's what those yellow things hanging from the roof are for...

Ummm...  I feel like I am being hung in a noose!

Much better! This is perfect - lying in my hammock.

 Sol3 Mio. They sing opera but they are also VERY VERY funny. They called the second half of the show the "Funny Half" and it was - they mixed their amazing voices with their Kiwi sense of humour. What Sol3 Mio tried to do through their 19 show tour of NZ was to get people who would not usually listen to opera to come hear their unique blend of opera and comedy. COOLIO!

Here they are singing on stage. Two brothers and their cousin - who also have successful solo careers as well.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Monday, 24 March 2014

Packing, tidying, and basketball!

 Dear Peeps,

We have been busy packing, tidying and more tidying for the last few weeks.

 Peep-a-boo! Hiding in among the banana boxes so I don't have to help tidy.

Then the banana boxes get packed on the trailer and put into storage. Onward my chariot!

More scaffolding... this time to paint the window frames. Can I please come down now?

They used the Chocolate Counselor's Super-Duper vacuum cleaner to polish the wooden floors. 

I will miss our wonderful fruit trees. Especially the pears! 

 This is a picture of Miss H's bedroom after it has been staged by a friend.

 I insisted that I should be on the bed for the staging. I mean, don't I look perfect sitting on the bed reading?  Sadly I was over-ruled...

...and banished (yes, they banished me!!!) to the top of  the shelf

Where I found Miss H's first day cover of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Isn't it so COOLIO?! 

Finally, I went on an adventure last Friday to the basketball. We watched the NZ Breakers (the ones in black.), sadly they lost. But it was fun because it was CJ Bruton's last game for the club and the whole stadium was cheering for him. He is one of my favourite basketball players.

Love From

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Day of Packing Surprises!

 Hello Peeps,

Today was another day of packing up the house. And while The Mother was tidying up the Bottomless Cupboard she found some treasures. 

Look at the pretty cross stitching in the frame.

The Mother stitched it many, many years ago. 

Isn't this such a coolio picture? (Are those Peeps in my picture..?)

 I wonder if I will ever meet any mice who can sew...

The Mother made a very pretty pouch last week. She used some linen and an old doily.

This is how the back looks. The Mother sewed it down in rays so the back would look coolio too.

Packing is sooooo boring for an adventurous sheepie like me. Miss H and the Mother don't have time for any adventures... I borrowed Miss H's iPod and listened to some of The Rocket Summer. 

Love From

Saturday, 15 March 2014

No more Flour!

Hello Peeps, 

Miss H and the Mother were given the opportunity to work at a bakery on Wednesday. The bakery had a bulk order for 2,000 pizza bases and desperately needed help to make them all. Miss H and the Mother started at 9oclock in the morning and didn't finish until 7oclock at night - with only an hour lunch break. 

These are the the mounds of dough before they are flattened and then rolled out. Each pizza is hand made - so they aren't perfect circles.

Miss H had the job of putting holes in the pizza bases. LOTS and LOTS of holes! She had to roll the holes all over the pizzas because any space that didn't have a hole would puff up and that's no good for a flat pizza base.

Mmmmmm... pizza base stack!  These are what they look like after they have been cooked.

 I am the Pizza King!

 Then the pizzas had to be packed in threes before the bags were sealed and labeled.

Flour writing! 

I was one VERY tired sheepie after the bakery day.
Love From

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Miss H got skinny - until she ate the chocolate...

Dear Peeps,

Miss H's Skinny Pinny arrived today!!! Yay!

Look at all the goodies that were sent with the skinny pinny. Thank you!!!

Sheepie Heaven!

Mmmmmmmm... it smells so good!!!

Here is the skinny pinny. Miss H ABSOLUTELY loves it.

The lovely lady also sent an April Showers charm pack - which Miss H couldn't stop looking at - she thinks it's so COOLIO! Miss H has already planned what to do with it.

Me and my Peeps!  Aren't they the CUTEST!?

I made five new best friends - my Peeps. Then Miss H told me she was going to eat them.  I couldn't let that happen - she can't eat my friends!!! So I rescued them...

Fly free my Peeps! FLY FREE!

Thank you sooooooo very much to the wonderful lady who got Miss H as her swap partner. Miss H has been smiling all day.

Love From

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Grandmother's House.

Hello Peeps,

We went to Grandma's house on Saturday. Miss H and I had lots of fun while The Mother and The Boss were painting.  Grandma's house is the BEST!

Yummy! Ginger crunch.  Can I eat them all? Please!

Miss H loves to help Grandma with her jigsaw puzzle. 

 Argh! Jigsaw puzzles confuse me! I'm all in pieces!!!

Licorice allsorts.  Mmmmmm!   Grandma ALWAYS has a jar fill of them. 

Grandma loves gardening.  Look at her beautiful pot plants.

Grandma has a beautiful path around the side of her house.

Can you spot me?

Here I am! 

Further round the path is her flower garden. I LOVE Grandma's house. It is soooo pretty.

Love From

(And guess what? This is my 50th post!  Wow!)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Baa the Builder, can he fix it?

Hello Peeps,

 We are building a house... slowly. It is SOOOO very exciting!!! The roof was put up on Monday. I am going to give you a tour of some of our half built house.

Here is our house. Oh no, the Enemy is making a beeline for me, hurry Miss H!!!

Oh good, he got distracted...   Now, lets continue the tour. 

 Here is the lounge.

And our tiny but VERY cute sewing room. 

Just checking if the framing is solid. 

Are you sure this ladder is safe?

I am soooooooo tall! Almost taller than Miss H!  Heehee!

This photo was taken in Miss H's room looking out into the corridor. Can you spot me?

Such lovely rafters we have.  :)

Then Miss H decided to put me on the scaffolding. VERY scary. 

It's a long way down... HELP!!!

Love From