Sunday, 30 March 2014

Choo choo Train and Opera!

Hello Peeps,

On Saturday night Miss H, The Mother and Grandma went to see Sol3 Mio. They are three Samoan opera singers (who grew up in NZ) with absolutely AMAZING voices. 
We went into Auckland City on the train.

 So, we got our tickets.

And looked at the schedule to make sure we got on the right train. 

There is our train arriving in the background. 

 Sitting on the seat - but then Miss H informed me that the seats were for humans only. So where do sheep sit? I asked.

Oh, that's what those yellow things hanging from the roof are for...

Ummm...  I feel like I am being hung in a noose!

Much better! This is perfect - lying in my hammock.

 Sol3 Mio. They sing opera but they are also VERY VERY funny. They called the second half of the show the "Funny Half" and it was - they mixed their amazing voices with their Kiwi sense of humour. What Sol3 Mio tried to do through their 19 show tour of NZ was to get people who would not usually listen to opera to come hear their unique blend of opera and comedy. COOLIO!

Here they are singing on stage. Two brothers and their cousin - who also have successful solo careers as well.

Love From
Baa. xxx

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