Sunday, 24 November 2013

Deer Forest!

 Hello Peeps,


 This is Forest. Isn't he a VERY handsome reindeer? (Almost as handsome as ME!) Forest is Miss H's 2013 Christmas decoration. Every year since she was little Miss H gets to choose a Christmas decoration and this year she choose dear Mr. Forest.

Here is Forest and Acorn (last Christmas' addition to Miss H's collection.)

Me, Forest and Acorn.

 Only 29 days until Christmas!  I can't wait!!!

Love from

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Baa's 1st Date

Hello Peeps,
Yes, my very first date (it must be because of my new mustache...hee..hee...) with a lovely girl named Annabelle. 

Annabelle and I (and my mustache).

A flower for my date.

Annabelle lives in the sewing room.  The Mother created her from a magazine pattern and then made the beautiful pins to match her outfit.

Isn't Annabelle beautiful?

Love from (and my mustache!)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

For The Boys!

Hello Peeps,

Check it out!  Am I handsome or what!
Today is our day on the 'For the Boys' blog hop organised by the wonderful Madm Samm and Amy our cheerleader.  Yipee for them!

The Walrus - Made by Miss H for The Geek.
Look at the COOLIO mustache quilt!!! 

Miss H got the idea for her mustache quilt from the slogan going around on the internet and thought what a great idea to make it into a wall hanging for her brother's room.  I have noticed him growing fur on his upper lip recently....just saying....

 Can ya see me!  I've got my mo on...tee...hee....  Don't worry Miss H I will be down in a mo...  Ok, enough of the mustache jokes.

 Miss H used raw-edged applique to sew on all the letters and the mo, and quilted in a diagonal slope.  She had a lot of fun making it 'cause it kept making her laugh.  Disturbing for a sheep to have an assistant who laughs at random times!

Gone Fishing - Made by The Mother for The Boss
 I LURVE The Mother's Gone Fishing quilt. (Being a Sheep it is as close to fishing as I want to get...) 

The Mother made it for her boy to hang in his study so he can look at it while working and wish he was on his boat.

The picture in the top left corner is of The Boss and the massive snapper he caught while on a boys weekend on his boat.

 The Mother made the whole quilt out of scraps, scrap 9 patch, scrap border, scrap binding, it's SCRAP-TASTIC!!!

The Mother even had some scraps left over so she made a quilt for George at my request because I had promised him one.

What a cute mini quilt. Do you see the sheepie button? 

Doesn't George look so coolio with his quilt!?

That's it from us. I hope you enjoyed looking at what we made. Don't forget to check out all the other blogs. 

November 6th

Love from
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Garage Sale and Strawberry Maze!

Hello Peeps,
I'm back, lots of lovely pictures, each one with yours truly, ME!

I have some exciting news... I'm going to India next April. Miss H, the Boss, and Miss' H's friend Kit Kat are going there to visit Aunty S and they will be helping at the International School where Aunty S works and also going to the slums.

 This Saturday they had a garage sale to raise money for their airfare.  

Sitting on top of Jigsaw Mountain!

Now to show off something the Mother has made. The Mother made a red and white strip pieced quilt.

  Me and Strawberry Maze.

 She used a piece of African material for the backing. 

Hanging on the grape vine...

Now all it needs is a label.

Miss H and the Mother will be hard at work sewing for the "For the Boys" blog Hop by Madam Samm. Their day is the 6th of November. See you back here then.  :)

Love from