Saturday, 2 November 2013

Garage Sale and Strawberry Maze!

Hello Peeps,
I'm back, lots of lovely pictures, each one with yours truly, ME!

I have some exciting news... I'm going to India next April. Miss H, the Boss, and Miss' H's friend Kit Kat are going there to visit Aunty S and they will be helping at the International School where Aunty S works and also going to the slums.

 This Saturday they had a garage sale to raise money for their airfare.  

Sitting on top of Jigsaw Mountain!

Now to show off something the Mother has made. The Mother made a red and white strip pieced quilt.

  Me and Strawberry Maze.

 She used a piece of African material for the backing. 

Hanging on the grape vine...

Now all it needs is a label.

Miss H and the Mother will be hard at work sewing for the "For the Boys" blog Hop by Madam Samm. Their day is the 6th of November. See you back here then.  :)

Love from

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