Friday, 27 September 2013

Ice Skating!

Good afternoon Peeps!

On Monday Miss H went Ice-skating with her sports group. 

YAY! I am skating! What a skilled Little Sheepie I am!!!

WOOOOAH... *Face plant!*   Oops...

Of course I can get up, I just... don't want to... I am chilling (and freezing my imaginary socks off) on the ice...

Love from

Sunday, 22 September 2013


YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  It's My Birthday!!!

Yesterday (NZT) was my birthday, but because the weather was so dreary we had my party today.

Miss H made me a special hot chocolate with marshmellows! 


 Thank you Miss H!

Then my friends, Cuddles and Nibbolet, arrived for my party. 

"Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday Dear ME! Happy Birthday to ME!" 

POP!POP! Heeheehee! We are all covered in streamers!!!

Everyone had a fun time!!!

Then the Mother surprised me, she had made me a gift!

My very own, brand new, hand made sleeping bag!!!

It is sooooooooooooooooo warm and snuggly! I just LURVE it! Thank you to the Mother!!!

 Look! It even has a coolio Lamb on it!!!

 My Birthday and Party were wonderful and I am looking forward to another year of AMAZING adventures!

Baa. xxx

Monday, 16 September 2013

A Present and a Macaroon!

Welcome back to my blog!
I am HAPPY!  The All Blacks (NZ National Rugby Team!) beat the Boks (South African Team.) 29-15!   Yay!

Miss H got her birthday present today from The Chocolate Counselor (Kit Kat's Mother). It is only 6 months late for her birthday...

It is the coolio-est mug!  With OWLS on it!

 Bottoms up!

 The Mother and the Boss went to the movies and afterwards they went to MacDonalds. The Mother got me a macaroon.

 See my delicious purple macaroon. She got it specially for me (Baa) because she knows that they are my favourite food!

 Thank you Mother for my macaroon!  YUMMY!!! YUMMY!!! YUMMY!!!

Love from Baa. xxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Shaved Sheep Dog!

Hello Peeps.

The Enemy had a trip to the hairdresser's because his fur was getting matted. Unfortunately (I personally think it is not at all unfortunate and INCREDIBLY funny.) the Mother didn't clearly explain to the dog groomer how she wanted him to look. So he came back... different...


This is a before shot of The Enemy.

 He's so FLUFFY!!!

And this is an after shot.

He is, well...  unFLUFFY!

(heeheehee. He is skin bare!)

The Enemy (who is a boy) came back with a pretty red bow on top of his head. HEEHEEHEE! The Mother quickly took the bow off as soon as we left the groomers and refused to let her cute little boy have a picture taken with it on.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Lots of love

Monday, 9 September 2013

Auckland Museum!

On Friday Miss H and I were invited to go with Grandma to the Auckland Museum. Grandma had heard that the Marine Exhibit, which is running for only a few more weeks, was very coolio.

The Lion and the Lamb.  Heehee. Above the Lion, is the places that Kiwis fought in during the 1st World War. 

YUMMY!!! There was two walls like this.  I just wish that I could eat them ALL!!!

In the Marine Exhibit, it was so coolio!!! There was this giant anemone made of  foam noodles. It was awesome. Can you spot me?

There were lots of these jars with specimens in them and interesting information. 

Look at the awesome shells.

Haha! Look at me, I am sitting on top of a shark!  Who is the bravest sheep in the world? ME!

Not too close Grandma. There is no glass between me and this shark. It might eat me. I am sure it would enjoy lamb chops for lunch...

 Inside the Museum was lot's of fun. Miss H, Grandma, and I had a nice walk around the side of the Museum before heading back to the train station. 

 This is the front of the Museum. You can see the Memorials for our fallen soldiers (After all this is the Auckland War Memorial Museum.) I think the fern design is really well done and looks very smart.

 Please don't light the fuse Miss H!!!  

 Hanging around in the Magnolia Garden.

 You can see the Museum in the background. 

 Phew! I am so tired Miss H! I think I will just fall asleep here under the daffodils!

Baa. xxx

Monday, 2 September 2013

Grandma's Garden Quilt!

Hello peeps!
The Mother has been busy the last few weeks making Grandma a quilt for her birthday.  She finished it just in time for her birthday on Thursday 29th August. :)

Here  is me and some pictures of the quilt. :) 

Look at all the lovely colours in Grandma's Quilt. 

The Mother used special bamboo batting so the quilt would be light and compact and yet VERY warm.   :) 

Miss H baked chocolate chip muffins to take to Thursday morning tea with the Olds.  These are MY muffins now, Miss H!!!

  Take your beady eyes off my muffins!!!   They are mine! All mine!!!

The Enemy: Miss H, that silly goat won't share the muffins...
Baa: Who are you calling a goat?
The Enemy: Please Miss H can I have a muffin?  *Does the unbearably cute look.*
Baa: Don't give in to his cuteness - he is evil!  Like Sauron! Only worse!
The Enemy: Watch it ewe or I will give you a personal tour of my mouth again!!!
Miss H: ENOUGH!!! Neither of you is getting a muffin!  They are for morning tea.
Baa and The Enemy: That's NOT fair!!!
Miss H: Well at least you two can agree on something!