Monday, 2 September 2013

Grandma's Garden Quilt!

Hello peeps!
The Mother has been busy the last few weeks making Grandma a quilt for her birthday.  She finished it just in time for her birthday on Thursday 29th August. :)

Here  is me and some pictures of the quilt. :) 

Look at all the lovely colours in Grandma's Quilt. 

The Mother used special bamboo batting so the quilt would be light and compact and yet VERY warm.   :) 

Miss H baked chocolate chip muffins to take to Thursday morning tea with the Olds.  These are MY muffins now, Miss H!!!

  Take your beady eyes off my muffins!!!   They are mine! All mine!!!

The Enemy: Miss H, that silly goat won't share the muffins...
Baa: Who are you calling a goat?
The Enemy: Please Miss H can I have a muffin?  *Does the unbearably cute look.*
Baa: Don't give in to his cuteness - he is evil!  Like Sauron! Only worse!
The Enemy: Watch it ewe or I will give you a personal tour of my mouth again!!!
Miss H: ENOUGH!!! Neither of you is getting a muffin!  They are for morning tea.
Baa and The Enemy: That's NOT fair!!!
Miss H: Well at least you two can agree on something!

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