Thursday, 31 July 2014

Have your cake and eat it too!

 Hello Peeps,

It's been a while since I last posted. Truth is Miss H had all the pictures for a blog post - but then she lost the cord thingy-a-majig to put them on the computer!  Can't get good help these days. 

Sadly a few weeks ago Miss H dropped her camera on the floor (it was that pesky Enemy's fault!!!) and broke her camera lens.

 This is it. It may not look broken but it no longer zooms in and has problems focusing.

So she had to dip into her savings. Look at the COOLIO new lens she got. 

Oh my goodness! Look how far it can zoom in!!!  WOW!!! 

Miss H and the Mother have been learning how to use their new oven. So that meant I got to eat a LOT of cake!  Yummy!

It doesn't look quite like the picture. Maybe you should bake another one! 

And speaking of cake: One day while we were staying at Grandma's I snuck into the baking cupboard to *steal* some cake when I came across this -


 Who did it? I wonder.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Moving and Samples!

Hello Peeps,

Last Thursday we started moving into our new house. Which we are still in the process of doing. Everything is a mess!!! The Mother and Miss H refused to let me take any pictures - not until it is all done! Or at least until I nab the camera and take some photo's without them seeing!  Hee..hee...

So I thought I would show you some cool fabric that Miss H and the Mother got a couple of weeks ago. They walked into the local fabric shop and the lovely lady was sorting through the samples ready to put them in the $1 basket. The shop is given the samples to choose which fabric they want.

I sent them to the fabric shop to get felt and some thread and they come back with over 20 pieces of fabric!!! (And yes, they did remember the felt and thread.)  I am NEVER letting them loose in the fabric store again.

Miss H found some April Showers sample pieces. She was smiling all day. 

The Mother got lots and lots of red fabric which she is going to use in a quilt she has in mind.

 These funky bits of fabric are going to be used to make some very coolio pouches.

What can I say? Chickens and mustaches!

 Back to unpacking now.
Lots of Love 
From Baa. xxx 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

I Love Vests!

Hello Peeps,

Do you remember the lovely fabric I received in the swap? Well, I convinced The (Wonderful) Mother to make me a vest with it.

Vests are COOLIO!  And I have a beautiful black tie to go with it. 

The back has a lovely dingo on it.

The Mother added a cute brown button form Grandma's stash.

All of my vest has been carefully hand sewn (under my watchful eye).

Now all I need is a top hat to go with it.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Baa on a Needle book.

 Hello Peeps,

I made a rich looking needle book with reds and gold in it for Zoe in South Africa - hope it arrives soon.

And  look what I go in the swap. Yipee!  I did the happy happy sheep dance.  It's awesome!
Look, look, its a sheep needle book.  Just like me!  Yipee, yipee.......

Lots of chocolate.  I will share with Miss H - maybe........

Some great material. Wonder what I can get the Mother to make with it?

Hee...hee...look at my book mark.

Oh, I so love, love, love my special needle book.

And it has coolio pages inside. is so beautiful I think I will just rest here a while and look at it - drool!

Thank you so much to the wonderful, super, brilliant, kind Jeneta.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Friday, 4 July 2014

A needle book for the Mother!

Hello Peeps,

The Mother signed us up for another swap run by eamylove.   We had to make a needle book to send to our partners and then other partners sent us a needle book.

Wow!   Look what the Mother received! Talk about awesome!  She was so thrilled!   Lots of lovely things and a really cool needle book.

Look at the great buttons and ribbon.

And yummy scraps she can have a fun time using in future projects. 

The parcel smelt soooo good because of the different teas included.

Look at that great needle book.  It has a toggle button and leather cord to wrap around and tie it.  So coolio!

Pockets inside hold some needles that were sent too.

Thanks so much Rachel - you were a great swap partner.

Love From 
Baa. xxx

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Present From Aunty M!

 Hello Peeps,

Poor Miss H has been sick for nearly two weeks now with a cold and the flu. But  she is all better now.

Last week a parcel arrived for Miss H from Aunty M. She had sent it in March from Canada and it took nearly three months to arrive!

But it was so coolio when it did arrive and Miss H was so happy when she opened it.  A lovely hand-made card and lots of goodies.

Isn't this coolio?  She can make her own iron caddy pad to hold a small iron in and travel with it, then open it up and iron her quilting blocks.  She thinks its great and can't wait to sew it up.  Aunty M sent it especially for when Miss H goes down to the beach.

Hee...hee...I am the tape measure bandit!

Oh, look....practicing to be Joseph for the Christmas play.  Ha!  Such fun playing with Miss H's goodies.

Thank you so much Aunty M. 
Miss H loves everything.

Lots of Love
Baa. xxx