Friday, 30 May 2014

Ice and Sunshine!

Hello Peeps,

A couple of days ago we had Auckland's coldest day in 40 years. It doesn't snow in Auckland at winter time - usually it just rains.

 There was a layer of ice on the Boss' car so Miss H drew a picture - and froze her fingers.

 Today Grandma, The Boss, The Mother, Miss H and I went to see Cousin Zed play ice hockey. He is in an Auckland Boys Under 16 team and they were playing an Auckland Girls Under 18 Team. The girls team needed to win so they could be put into a high grade.

Cousin Zed's team is in blue. 

YAY!!! Cousin Zed's team won!!! The girls team played well (especially because they have only had one practice together). Cousin Zed scored 3 goals. 

They all shook hands after the match. 

A few weeks ago Miss H stitched these cute stitcheries - she hasn't finished them yet because she hasn't gotten around to finding some skin coloured thread for their skin.

Aren't they soooooo pretty?!

Today the sun has been shining brightly and you wouldn't believe that it was winter here. I am happily sitting in the sunshine eating baked goodies. Yummy!

Love From
Baa. xxx

Monday, 26 May 2014

A Winner and Miss H's New Bed Quilt!

Hello Peeps,

 The winner of my Blog Birthday Giveaway is...


YAY!!! I shall email you soon.
Thank you to everyone who commented. I really enjoyed reading your comments. 

I could not wait any longer to show you "Not For Notting Did I Make This Quilt But Because I Love You"! It is soooo beautiful - and in my professional opinion my favouritest quilt in the whole wide universe!!!

Not For Notting Did I Make This Quilt But Because I Love You - Sewn and quilted by The Mother.
This is the AMAZING quilt. Miss H LURVES it to bits (not literally...)! It was made for her new bedroom (I will show you another picture when it is in its proper place).

The Mother did lovely sqiuggly lines as the quilting - it looks VERY COOLIO!

The pattern is "Summer in the Park" by English Street Quilts. The Mother made it bigger so it would fit Miss H's bed. The fabric is Notting Hill by Robyn Pandolph.

Ah... I could lie here forever! It is soooo soft.

Look at the fabric The Mother used for the backing. Heehee. Elephants!

She is also planning on making this into a pillow to match the quilt. And maybe a drawstring bag for Miss H's PJs out of some other left over fabric.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

A snack at Orewa and Wrapped in Jelly.

Hello Peeps,

On Friday the Mother had to go to Orewa, so Me, Miss H, and the Enemy tagged along for the ride and were dropped off at the beach. After a nice walk we joined up with The Mother again and had a snack.

 Sitting in Rosie (The Mother's red MX-5 sports car) looking at the beach.

COFFEEEEE!!! Sadly I wasn't allowed any because The Mother said I am hyper enough - I REALLY don't know what she means...

 Umm... shouldn't they be cut into thirds? Or is Miss H not having any..? 

This was a VERY tall sign - the Mother had to balance on a small wooden railing to put me up there. It was VERY scary!!!

Doesn't the beach look beautiful? Although it would be soooo cold in the water as it is winter here! 

Miss H, I can't find the chocolate? Are you sure there is some in here?

I was right the water is freezing! Why am I sitting in it then? Because Miss H insisted that she try The Mother's new camera that is waterproof. 

This was a bad bad bad idea!  Why is the world upside down? 

Now that I have been nicely washed and dried I can show you  the new camera. Coolio!

The Mother and Miss H go to a sewing group on Wednesday nights at The Bird Lady's House. There is about 8 of them and Miss H and her friends laugh soooo much that they sew wobbly lines or don't get any sewing done at all, so the Mother tells me.  They recently had a new lady join them who hasn't done ANY quilting at all so it was decided that they should each make a jelly roll race quilt.

 The Mother used the left-overs of Miss H's bed quilt (taking out the aqua) and added some more material as well.

Such pretty colours. They will match the Mother's room perfectly.

On my mark, get set, go!!!

Argh! I have been caught by the Jelly Roll monster. Help!!! 

Miss H was given special permission to use one of the Mother's Jelly Rolls so that she could make a jelly roll race too. And the Mother will have a quilt made for her by Miss H. 

Love From
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Blog Birthday Party

Hello Peeps,

One year ago today I started my blog. Click HERE to see the first ever blog post.  YAY!!! So I insisted that we have a party.

Yummy. Ice tea and cake is the perfect way to celebrate this wonderful milestone. 

Then I thought "Why not celebrate with all the lovely people who read my blog by having a giveaway?"

We have three NZ themed fat quarters to give away to one lucky winner. The giveaway will be open until Monday 26th of May.

Here are the three fat quarters. Aren't they soooo pretty?

This fabric has tui and pohutakawas on it.  Tui are very recognisable by the white ball under their throats. They are also known for mimicing other bird sounds and noises. Pohutukawas are sometimes called New Zealand's Christmas trees because they flower around Christmas time (summer for NZ).

 Pukeko are easily recognisable on the side of the road with their blue colouring - sadly they often cross the road without looking both ways. They are also sneaky birds.

And lastly, I had to include some fabric with silver ferns on it. The silver fern is the main symbol used for our national sports teams in NZ.

Happy Blog Birthday to Me. Happy Blog Birthday to You. Happy Blog Birthday.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Agent Baa 007

Hello Peeps,

Seeing as we are now living next door to our new house I thought Miss H and I should go on an undercover operation. So, by the light of the setting sun we stealthy sneaked across to the building site.

We had to navigate around the scaffolding. 

Oh look! No more ladder to climb - there are real stairs now. 

What a pretty view of the rooftops from the Mother and the Boss' room. 

Then it was on to Miss H's room. Can you see me? I am sitting on the window ledge. There is no windows in her window seat yet. 

We found the window for the window seat lying on the floor. I made sure to wipe my prints off the window like a good spy-sheep. 

This is in the Boss' study - he also gets a window seat. Miss H's window seat will look like this when the window is in. 

From the study window you can see Grandma's house and the sunroom where our bedroom is. 

After our secret upstairs tour we hopped down the stairs and into the lounge, where we found this loooooong piece of wood. 

There are no walls downstairs so when it rains it comes inside - which is no good for the wood. You can see the wet concrete. 

And lastly we snuck into the sewing room. That is where I found this AWESOME slide - it leads from the sewing room into the kitchen. It definitely needs to stay when the house is all finished or at least a hole in the wall that I could fit through and get food from the kitchen while Miss H and The Mother aren't watching.

Then we slinked back inside before the Mother even noticed that we were gone. 

Check back on the 20th for a VERY special blog post.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Food Technology.

 Hello Peeps,

The Mother and two of her friends (The Chocolate Counselor and The Bird Lady - Miss R's Mum)   did a BIG clean up in the old house today so Miss H and her friend Miss R had a bake day. They are calling it Food Technology so they don't get in trouble for not doing schoolwork.

This is the mixture for the Hummingbird Cake. 

Ops, I got a little close. Ahhh tishoo! 

We lined the cake tin...

and then poured the mixture in. Next it was in the oven. 

We had some more time so they decided to make funfetti cupcakes (brilliant idea Miss R!). 

We couldn't find a cupcake tray but that didn't deter us. Miss R and Miss H were very clever squeezing them into this tray. 

Because they didn't have a cupcake tin the cupcakes came out with some funny shapes. But that just made them better. 

The Mother, the Chocolate Counselor and the Bird Lady arrived back at Grandmas hungry to taste the delicious food. Unfortunately the girls were too busy baking to put the pizza in the oven, but the cupcakes were ready so we served them those for their entree.

Miss H quickly wrote a menu.

Mmmm. Yummy food! 

Once the cake was cool, it was time to ice it. I insisted that I should do the icing. 

The decorations were ALL my idea - with a little assistance from Miss R and Miss H. 

I hope there are lots more "Food Technology" Days.

Love From
Baa. xxx