Friday, 30 May 2014

Ice and Sunshine!

Hello Peeps,

A couple of days ago we had Auckland's coldest day in 40 years. It doesn't snow in Auckland at winter time - usually it just rains.

 There was a layer of ice on the Boss' car so Miss H drew a picture - and froze her fingers.

 Today Grandma, The Boss, The Mother, Miss H and I went to see Cousin Zed play ice hockey. He is in an Auckland Boys Under 16 team and they were playing an Auckland Girls Under 18 Team. The girls team needed to win so they could be put into a high grade.

Cousin Zed's team is in blue. 

YAY!!! Cousin Zed's team won!!! The girls team played well (especially because they have only had one practice together). Cousin Zed scored 3 goals. 

They all shook hands after the match. 

A few weeks ago Miss H stitched these cute stitcheries - she hasn't finished them yet because she hasn't gotten around to finding some skin coloured thread for their skin.

Aren't they soooooo pretty?!

Today the sun has been shining brightly and you wouldn't believe that it was winter here. I am happily sitting in the sunshine eating baked goodies. Yummy!

Love From
Baa. xxx

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  1. Your weather sounds much like the weather in Oregon where my family is from. Doesn't get very cold during the winter. Occasionally there is frost and some snow. But mainly rainy and mild.