Saturday, 24 May 2014

A snack at Orewa and Wrapped in Jelly.

Hello Peeps,

On Friday the Mother had to go to Orewa, so Me, Miss H, and the Enemy tagged along for the ride and were dropped off at the beach. After a nice walk we joined up with The Mother again and had a snack.

 Sitting in Rosie (The Mother's red MX-5 sports car) looking at the beach.

COFFEEEEE!!! Sadly I wasn't allowed any because The Mother said I am hyper enough - I REALLY don't know what she means...

 Umm... shouldn't they be cut into thirds? Or is Miss H not having any..? 

This was a VERY tall sign - the Mother had to balance on a small wooden railing to put me up there. It was VERY scary!!!

Doesn't the beach look beautiful? Although it would be soooo cold in the water as it is winter here! 

Miss H, I can't find the chocolate? Are you sure there is some in here?

I was right the water is freezing! Why am I sitting in it then? Because Miss H insisted that she try The Mother's new camera that is waterproof. 

This was a bad bad bad idea!  Why is the world upside down? 

Now that I have been nicely washed and dried I can show you  the new camera. Coolio!

The Mother and Miss H go to a sewing group on Wednesday nights at The Bird Lady's House. There is about 8 of them and Miss H and her friends laugh soooo much that they sew wobbly lines or don't get any sewing done at all, so the Mother tells me.  They recently had a new lady join them who hasn't done ANY quilting at all so it was decided that they should each make a jelly roll race quilt.

 The Mother used the left-overs of Miss H's bed quilt (taking out the aqua) and added some more material as well.

Such pretty colours. They will match the Mother's room perfectly.

On my mark, get set, go!!!

Argh! I have been caught by the Jelly Roll monster. Help!!! 

Miss H was given special permission to use one of the Mother's Jelly Rolls so that she could make a jelly roll race too. And the Mother will have a quilt made for her by Miss H. 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Looks like you are having lots of fun!!

  2. Jelly Roll Race quilts are fun until you are attacked!