Sunday, 18 May 2014

Agent Baa 007

Hello Peeps,

Seeing as we are now living next door to our new house I thought Miss H and I should go on an undercover operation. So, by the light of the setting sun we stealthy sneaked across to the building site.

We had to navigate around the scaffolding. 

Oh look! No more ladder to climb - there are real stairs now. 

What a pretty view of the rooftops from the Mother and the Boss' room. 

Then it was on to Miss H's room. Can you see me? I am sitting on the window ledge. There is no windows in her window seat yet. 

We found the window for the window seat lying on the floor. I made sure to wipe my prints off the window like a good spy-sheep. 

This is in the Boss' study - he also gets a window seat. Miss H's window seat will look like this when the window is in. 

From the study window you can see Grandma's house and the sunroom where our bedroom is. 

After our secret upstairs tour we hopped down the stairs and into the lounge, where we found this loooooong piece of wood. 

There are no walls downstairs so when it rains it comes inside - which is no good for the wood. You can see the wet concrete. 

And lastly we snuck into the sewing room. That is where I found this AWESOME slide - it leads from the sewing room into the kitchen. It definitely needs to stay when the house is all finished or at least a hole in the wall that I could fit through and get food from the kitchen while Miss H and The Mother aren't watching.

Then we slinked back inside before the Mother even noticed that we were gone. 

Check back on the 20th for a VERY special blog post.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Thank you for the lovely tour Baa. Such lovely views everyone will have once the home is finished.

  2. So exciting! Happy to see you won't be using a ladder to get upstairs!