Sunday, 31 July 2016

Jenny July: Packing it all in!

Hello Peeps and Paw-Pals,

Today is the last day of Jenny July, but we still have sooooo much to show you. So we have attempted to pack it all in (though there are still others we couldn't fit in).

Snowy will tell you about the first three:

The Mother can't remember if we showed you this when she stitched it up last year  It was the start of her taking beautiful linens she found in the op shop and adding Jenny's stitcheries to them.

The Mother loved stitching this last year.  I am not sure she is more domesticated - she still prefers stitching, quilting and walking me to housework!  But she is getting better!

Just recently she stitched this one in the centre of another treasure - ' Contentment comes from Gratitude' one of Jenny's beautiful Gentle Domesticity BOM.

Love the way Jenny combines applique with stitchery.  It makes her designs so pretty.

And another - guess you can see how I 'love' these designs

Here is the last one that I (Baa) will show you:

Miss H stitched this cute little birdie on another doily found in the op shop.

I lurve how in Jenny's design it has running stitches - it makes it look so coolio!

Lazy daisy stitches make the bestest stitched flowers and French knots are perfect for button holes.
(Shhhh... I am about to tell you a secret: Miss H loathes stitching French knots.)

Love and Slobbery Kisses From
Baa. xxx and Snowy!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Jenny July: Snail Mail

Hello Peeps,

The Mother has been hard at work sewing up this stitchery by Elefantz that Miss H did awhile ago.

Here is another progress photo....

...and the stitchery in the centre.
It is one of Miss H's absolute favourites!

Miss H lurves snail mail so very much!

And the Mother found lovely, lovely fabric to go around it.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Monday, 25 July 2016

Jenny July: Journal

Hello Peeps,

Miss H did a beautiful stitchery by Jenny of Elefantz (find it HERE for free), which the Mother then made into a journal for Miss H's friend - Flower's 19th birthday.

These are the pieces for the front and the back.

And here is the notebook before it is covered.

Isn't it lovely? The Mother was so happy to find fabric that matched perfectly even though Miss H never colour matched the stitchery to any material before she started.

Here is a close-up.

Hasn't it made a lovely journal cover? Oh, you can't see it? Ooops!

Here you go!

Slobbery Kisses,

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Jenny July: Jeremiah 29:11

Hello Paw-Pals,

The Mother found some yummy fabrics in one of her drawers - they are Tapestry by Joanna Figueroa, and Papillon by 3Sisters.    I think they have been hidden there for a while.

She got them out to start making one of Jenny's older designs into a quilt.

She started with a border around the stitchery...

it matched the gold thread colour perfectly!

Always love Jenny's birds!

Then she added more borders and then squares before a final big red border.

It's still a flimsy at the moment.  The Mother says it has to wait its turn in the quilting pile.

Slobbery Kisses,

Monday, 18 July 2016

Angel Cat!

Hello Paw-Pals,

I am having a break from Jenny July Blog Posts today so I can show you this cute cat project the Mother is working on.

Look what is under The Mothers machine today!  A cat!!  What!!  And are those love hearts I see???

They are pretty fabrics.  And is that wings I see.  A flying cat - maybe an angel cat.

It has a checkerboard border on both the top and bottom.

The Mother quilted it with criss -crosses on the border and squiggles in the centre around the cat.

It has raw edged applique in green thread.

And guess what - I got those photos I was talking about.
  Yep, upstairs!

That's me with part of the small quilt hanging wall.  The Mother got the Boss to hang up two lines for her to hang them on with little pegs.

I took two more shots so you can see all the quilts and how pretty they look.  The Mother made them all except the house (far right top row) one which she received in a mini quilt swap.  It's called 'From my house to yours'.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.  It's been much colder this week round here as winter really seems to be settling in.

Slobbery Kisses,

Friday, 15 July 2016

Jenny July: Window of Love

Hello Paw-Pals,

Hope you have had a great week. I'm back with another beautiful design from Jenny.  This is from a while back.  Jenny made it into a little quilt and then attached it to the front of a cushion which looked very sweet.

The Mother made hers into a small quilt.  She is so lurving making quilts for her wall.   

I snuck up during the week to get some pictures of the wall.   But I have to get Miss H to help me upload them as I've just realised how hard it is to do it without opposable thumbs!! And she is out at a birthday party...

Just a few close ups before it goes up onto the wall. 

Every house needs beautiful flowers outside. The Mother can't keep plants alive, so she is VERY thankful for Grandma next door who is incredibly green-fingered and looks after the gardens.

Slobbery Kisses,
From Snowy!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jenny July: Uniquely Beautiful

Hello Peeps,

Miss H and I are on holiday now. We have been having sooooo much fun!

This is the stitchery by Jenny of Elefantz that we are showing today.

The Mother has sewn up the stitchery Miss H did.

Don't you think it looks lovely? Miss H LURVES red roses.

This is the corners - more beautiful roses.

I love that quote that Jenny of Elefantz put in the centre.

Love From,
Baa. xxx

P.S. I saw Snowy sneak up the stairs this morning to take a picture of the wallhangings on the wall for his blog post on Friday.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Jenny July: Elephant!

Hello Paw-Pals,

Miss H and the Mother have 2 favourite people when it comes to stitcheries.  Molly of Wild Olive and Jenny of Jenny of Elefantz. This month we are showcasing some of the recent stitcheries we have done from Jenny's patterns, cause we love her patterns.

This is a special elephant pattern that the Mother did.  Lately she has been collecting some doilies at the Op shop that have trim on the edge or a trim and a little stitching but the centre is blank.  Then she can stich a Jenny pattern in the middle.

This doily she bought had a blue edge trim and some rough stitched leaves on it in blue and green.


She stitched this elephant in the middle - isn't she cute!  The Mother didn't do totally beautiful even stitches but chunky-er ones so it matched the outside more.

Pretty variegated flower and.....

and a cutie pie butterfly.

Then she found this cool material which matched perfectly..

..and made it into a mini quilt. 

It hangs up the stairs now on some string that she got the Boss to put up - She has 6 little ones hanging up so far.  I'll show you them next time - I'm not allowed upstairs so I'll have to figure out how to get away with a secret photo mission!

Slobbery Kisses
From Snowy!