Monday, 24 April 2017

Wellington Adventure!

Hello Peeps,

Miss H, the Mother, the Boss and I drove down to Wellington (with a stop at a quilt show in Matamata). They went for the weekend to see the Geek as it was his birthday on the 24th.

Can you spot me flying with the pigeons?

This is the cenotaph in the middle of the city. 
It's a bit hard to see in this picture because of the building behind. 

These are on the cenotaph in honour of the fallen from WWI and WWII. 

This is at the top of the cenotaph. 

This is from the people of the UK and is for those who were awarded the Victoria Cross during WWI. 

Wheeeee! I I am standing on top of the Beehive (NZ's Parliament House). 

Miss H, the Mother, and the Boss had a tour around Parliament - but not ME! 
I was left in security with Miss H's camera and everyone's cellphones. Harumph!

It is almost ANZAC Day - which is when New Zealanders and Australians remember and honour those who fought. 
So our next stop was the Wellington Botanical Gardens where there was a display of crosses representing the Wellingtonians who dies in WWI. 

In 2015, 884 crosses were put up for the men who died in 1915 from the Wellington area. Then last year another 964 crosses were added, and this year 1568 crosses were added. 

The poppy is the symbol of ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Army Corps). 

The Mother and Miss H (who LURVE history) were interested in the fact that there was only two Stars of David. They thought that there must not have been a very big Jewish population in Wellington before WWI. 

These two crosses represent two brothers who signed up on the same day (their numbers are consecutive) and who both died fighting for their country. Their ancestors still remember them and added those little wreaths to their crosses. 

Miss H thinks this photo represents hope with the sun shining on the crosses - because of these men and women's ultimate sacrifice we are able to live in freedom. 

Love From,
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Felt Narwhals in Navy!

Hello Peeps,

Sticking with the Unicorn of the Sea theme, Miss also made 5 cute little narwhals. 

Here they are - all dressed up in navy with coolio aqua bellies. 

They were very easy and fun to make - probably why Miss H made five when I told her she only needed one!!! 

Miss H is thinking about stringing them all together and making some cute bunting. 

Love from,
Baa. xxx

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter - Eggs, Sheep, and the Geek!

Hello Peeps,

Its Easter and we have had a LOVELY Easter this year.
The Geek came home for the first time since he moved to Wellington - YAY! 
It was SO coolio!!!

Oh, and of course there were Easter eggs!
Or should I say - EASTER SHEEP! 

This is all my dreams rolled into one - sheep made out of chocolate!!!

I am in Sheepie Heaven! 

Miss H also made this yummy Easter egg chest and filled it with homemade Easter eggs!
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Isn't it yum-dorable (yummy and adorable!)?

Mmmmmmmmm!  The chest are Tim-Tams stuck together with chocolate - YUM! And the eggs are made of Tim-Tams and cream cheese then rolled in hundreds and thousands. So so so yummy!

I hope you have ALL had a FANTASTIC Easter! 

Love from,
Baa. xxx

Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Unicorn of the Sea

Hello Peeps,

March has marched on very quickly. It has been a month full of assignments, health issues, very little crafting and only a few blog posts.

But now it is April - Miss H's favourite month (equal with December and January). And today it was Miss H's birthday!!! She has officially left teenage-hood! 20! Wow! Miss H is soooooooooo old!!!

Her birthday party's theme was Narwhals - the unicorn of the sea!!!

This is the amazing cake that the wonderful Miss Bee made.
I lurve the waves around the outside of the cake. So coolio!

Aren't they just the cutest narwhals??? What adorable horns!!!
  The pink one was chopped up because the little girls at the party wanted to eat her.

But the blue one is still all together. And he can't stop smiling about that!

Miss Bee created her first checkerboard cake. Doesn't it look amazing?!
And it has two of Miss H's favourite colours.

There were three cute girls (3 to 5 years old) and Miss H found a coolio whale craft that she changed into a narwhal craft.

These are the two older girls' narwhals. I think they are sooooo coolio! They cut them out themselves.

Here is the side view. The girls lurved making them!

Love From
Baa. xxx