Tuesday, 28 July 2015

A Wale of a Tale

Hello Peeps,

Last Wednesday I went to Wales for a couple of days.

We went through Bath on our way up.

Here is the Pulteney Bridge. 

This was a very lovely little avenue.

Miss H's favourite place in Bath was this shop with vintage Singer sewing machines. However they were only the d├ęcor of a men's shoe shop. Heehee!

On Thursday we walked up the Brecon Beacons. 

This was the view from the top of Pen-Y-Fan. 

After seeing the Brecon Beacons we headed up to Caernarfon and on the way we stopped at Llyn Clywedog.

We had an eveing walk around Caernarfon and I got to ride in style in Aunty D's camera bag. Hmm... which is the most expensive thing in here...

We saw the outside of the Castle...
...and the next morning we got to go inside!

Isn't it just awesome!? How coolio for a little sheep to be in a medieval castle!

I wonder where this door leads... could be to hidden treasure!

Ahhhh... DON'T light the fuse, Miss H!
On Saturday we arrived back in Swanage - after going through Cheddar Gorge.

Can you spot me in this picture? The Cheddar Village weir is behind me.

Of course we had to get some Cheddar Cheese. Heehee.
This is my last week in England before I go back home - I am sad and happy at the same time!
Love From
Baa. xxx

Monday, 20 July 2015

A Little Sheep in London.

Hello Peeps,

On Friday, Aunty D, Cousin J, Grandma, Miss H and I went on a train to London - here are some pictures of me.

I got my own seat for a little bit of the journey.

Chocolate supplies from Aunty D's work - they wouldn't of lasted the trip if they had been left with me!

We arrived into Waterloo Station.

 I felt like a very very small sheepie looking up at the London Eye.

Of course we had to stop at Harrods. When Miss H was born she was given a bear from Harrods with the year stamped on his paw - she still has him!

On Saturday we went on a hop on and hop off bus tour which was lots of fun.

Can you see the Tower of London behind me? Brrr... it looks very scary - I am pleased I didn't have to go inside...
As part of the bus tour we went on a river cruise from the Tower of London to Big Ben.

Can you see London Bridge behind me? Isn't it very coolio?

Wow - look at those really ornate buildings in the background!
Miss H took lots and lots of photos of the wonderful attractions in London - in fact she took over 400 pictures!!! But she took hardly any with me in them - how terrible!
I am so excited because on Wednesday we are going to Wales for a few days - and I shall definitely remind her to take more pictures of me!!!
Love From
Baa. xxx 

Sunday, 12 July 2015

First days of my English Adventure!

Hello Peeps,

I have been in England for 6 busy days now - and Miss H and I are loving it!

I had the best view for the plane trips in Miss H's backpack.

We got to try Air New Zealand's new All Black lollies. (The All Blacks are New Zealand's national rugby team.)

In Singapore Changi Airport we HAD to stop at the M&M shop! Can you spot me?

We arrived on Tuesday morning, but unfortunately our luggage had been left in Singapore. Thankfully they were sent to us and arrived the next evening. We were picked up from the airport and stopped off at the beautiful Winchester on the way to Swanage.
I was soooo tired - but then Miss H shared some of her salted caramel hot chocolate with me and then I was a hyper sheepie!

Miss H set up this picture just as a tour guide group were walking past. The nice lady said I was just being set up for my portrait - she obviously knows a handsome sheep when she sees one!

On Wednesday we mostly rested. In the afternoon Grandma, Miss H and I found a lovely little path to follow - it just went on and on.

On Thursday the three of us were joined by Cousin J. We walked all the way from Swanage along the hills to Corfe. I must admit we got a lift back to Swanage with Aunty D.
I met some of my English cousins along the way.
This is the beautiful Corfe Castle.

That evening we went to take some sunset shots with the heather.

Friday was another busy day. Aunty D had the day off so we took a trip to Durdle Door! It was amazing!!!

We also saw Lulworth Cove.

Cousin J and her brother Cousin B had to work on Saturday, so it was just Grandma, Aunty D, Uncle R, Miss H and I who went to Tyneham.

We also continued down the path to Worbarrow.
We stopped at Moreton Gardens for a cream tea...

...and a wander around the gardens.
Sunday has been the first rainy day since we arrived - it has rained almost non-stop.
Love From
Baa. xxx 

Thursday, 9 July 2015


Hello Peeps,

Every Friday the Mother goes to her friend's house, the Iron Maiden, to do some quilting. It all started many years ago when the Iron Maiden wanted to learn how to quilt, so The Mother and Aunty M - who now lives in Canada - started their own little quilting group with her. Several weeks ago Miss H and the Iron Maiden's daughter, Jazi-G, hatched a plan to crash their parents quilting night. Jazi-G had never used a sewing machine before but wanted to sew a t-shirt dress. The Mother suggested they try something easier first - a pillowcase! So Miss H and Jazi-G sewed a pillowcase each. (They did make t-shirt dresses afterwards - with lots of help from Miss H's Aunty S, who used to be a seamstress - without her it would have been a disaster because the fabric was REALLY REALLY stretchy!)

I helped Jazi-G pin her fabric together.

I taught Jazi-G how to use the sewing machine - unfortunately she didn't think I was a good teacher.

Thankfully Miss H and the Mother were good teachers.

This is Jazi-G's completed pillowcase.

Miss H did a cute little turtle stitchery for her and Jazi-G named him Steven.

This is Miss H's completed pillow.

She stitched a lovely pink bunny for her pillow.
Both Miss H and Jazi-G are currently overseas - Miss H in England and Jazi-G in Hawaii - but they each have the special pillowcase they made to remind them of home.
Love From
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sewing Caddies

Hello Peeps,

The Mother loved Jenny of Elefantz's sewing caddies, and couldn't wait to make her own caddie.

This is the one she made.
She used French General fabric around the centre panel so that it would match in with the lounge.
The Mother also made one for the Iron Maiden's birthday present.

The Mother also used French General fabric because it also suits the Iron Maiden's house.

The Iron Maiden was sooooooo happy with her present - she even said it was one of the BESTEST presents EVER! (I personally think chocolate is waaay better!)
Love From
Baa. xxx