Monday, 20 July 2015

A Little Sheep in London.

Hello Peeps,

On Friday, Aunty D, Cousin J, Grandma, Miss H and I went on a train to London - here are some pictures of me.

I got my own seat for a little bit of the journey.

Chocolate supplies from Aunty D's work - they wouldn't of lasted the trip if they had been left with me!

We arrived into Waterloo Station.

 I felt like a very very small sheepie looking up at the London Eye.

Of course we had to stop at Harrods. When Miss H was born she was given a bear from Harrods with the year stamped on his paw - she still has him!

On Saturday we went on a hop on and hop off bus tour which was lots of fun.

Can you see the Tower of London behind me? Brrr... it looks very scary - I am pleased I didn't have to go inside...
As part of the bus tour we went on a river cruise from the Tower of London to Big Ben.

Can you see London Bridge behind me? Isn't it very coolio?

Wow - look at those really ornate buildings in the background!
Miss H took lots and lots of photos of the wonderful attractions in London - in fact she took over 400 pictures!!! But she took hardly any with me in them - how terrible!
I am so excited because on Wednesday we are going to Wales for a few days - and I shall definitely remind her to take more pictures of me!!!
Love From
Baa. xxx 


  1. What an exciting time you have been having! So glad you are enjoying yourself! :) x

  2. Wonderful scenery there Baa ... it all looks amazing. So glad you are having a great time ... hope you enjoy Wales :-)

  3. Oh dear Baa, shame you didnt make into all the pictures! - well I think you will feel much more at home in Wales with lots of friends to have your picture taken with with. Lots of fun Hannah - enjoy. xx

  4. A very little sheep you are Baa - but just think of all the things you're seeing! I've seen the Tower of London too, and taken a boat tour on the Thames. So nice to see them again.

  5. Ha ha glad you are having a great time Baa

  6. You are one lucky sheep to be seeing so many wonderful things.