Saturday, 25 May 2013

Heard your Heart say... Love, Love, Love

Another post for today.

Miss H's jelly roll quilt is coming along very nicely.

 This is the completed top all ready to be put together and quilted.
 Look at Miss H's beautiful satin stitch.
And her lovely chain stitch!

This quilt is inspired by Avalanche City's song "Love Love Love". And also her Newsboys t-shirt which has love love love on it. Her t-shirt is signed by the NZ Breakers (ANBL champions 3 times in a row) whom Miss H got to play against.

I lurve learning about Miss H and the Mother's quilting skills. I didn't know they were sooooooooo good at it.

Maybe they will let me help.   I am soooooo good at helping!!!

Tea for Me!

Miss H shared her macaroon with me. It was my first ever taste of a macaroon.

The Mother let me use her special china. The vase is made of Israeli glass .

Look at the AMAZING cross stitch on my tablecloth. The Mother made it several years ago.

Baa.  xxx

Monday, 20 May 2013

Good-bye Sweeties!

Hello again.   Miss me?   I did!!!

The Mother's friends The Sweeties left town after an exciting 9 day holiday in the most beautiful country ever!!!   They walked, they hiked, they climbed, they ziplined, they white water rafted, and they tandemed!   And drank a LOT of tea and coffee and ate LOADS of muffins.

Miss H and I woke up at 3 am  (I didn't even know there was 3 am!!!) to see them off.

I got a free ride on the luggage!   :)

 I danced with the weird wire statues outside the Check-in!

I wanted to fill out a departure card so that I could go to but Miss H wouldn't let me.   :'(

Me and Thorin Oakenshield! Miss H put me on top of his axe.  OW!

Mmmmmmmmmmmm!   Hot chocolate!  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I tried to sneak into The Sweeties bag unnoticed...  Didn't work so well for me...

So I took my own ride on an airplane!  Zoooooooooooooooom!

And then a Buzzy Bee!   Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired now!   Are we home yet?!

Baa. xxx


Miss H decided to do some sorting of her stamps that she was recently given by her Grandma. I was HELPFUL today.   Seriously, I was!!!

 Seeeeeee?    I am HELPFULLY covering myself in stamps.

Miss H didn't think I was that HELPFUL!   So she gave me the damaged stamps to watch. 

 I lurve this stamp from Romania.

This is one of Miss H's uniquest stamps.  It's the only one she has from Qatar!

Hahaha! This is an awesome stamp. 


 This stamp is my favourite!   Its about Red Riding Hood!  And the Wolf who dressed up like Grandma!   Thankfully the Woodcutter sorted him out!    :)

Baa. xxx

I can see Miss H's bedroom floor!!! :O

Miss H has been tidying her room over the weekend.

So she put my favourite quilt on her bed. She made it all herself. The Mother helped her design it.  Isn't Miss H clever?!  I am going to get her to teach me how to quilt.  :)

Look at me!  I am sitting among the stars!  

This is what The Bears and I get up to while Miss H is away. We dug the tea set out of her cupboard.

This is our quilt that The Mother made for us.  It keeps us snuggly in bed.  :)

"Friendship is a work of heart."   I lurve my friends The Bears!

This is what Miss H is working on now. It is called "Stick Together" from "The Red Fox a stitching series" by Cinderberry Stitches.    Miss H is soooo excited because it goes nicely with her bed quilt which also has foxes.  :)

Baa. xxx

Easter Holidays at Pauanui!!!

For the long Easter Weekend we went down to our friends Bach in Pauanui.  It was AWESOME!!!

                                                       I had a little sleep in a sand hole

                                              Heeheehee! I stole Miss H's cellphone!

                                           Kit Kat (Miss H's Bestie) photo bombed my picture!

                                 Hahaha! I look like a propeller hat on top of Kit Kat's head! Heeheehee!

                                                        I do too! What more can I say?



                                                       Mmmmmm! M&M's! My favourite!

                       The girls made me help make lunch! They quickly took the knife off me though...

... and decided that I would be much more helpful in the toastie machine...

Then they gave me a glass of coke because they were sooooooo thankful for all my help!
Ok, not really... I had to sneak some of Miss H's when she wasn't looking...
but my head got stuck and she caught me...
she threatened to throw me to the enemy... *shiver*
Baa. xxx

My Very First Amazing Adventure!!

My very first adventure with Miss H, The Boss, and The Mother was a camper-van trip around the North Island. I joined them half way through when they fell head over heels in lurve with me at a souvenir shop!

They nearly lost me in the snow!!!

I have a safety helmet on for caving in the Waitomo Caves!
Inside the Waitomo Caves!!!


I got to ride on a motorbike inside the museum. 

I got to sit on a tank!!!

 Can you spot me?!   I will give you a hint... I am close to the bottom!

Eureka is the name of my favourite TV series!!!

Baa. xxx