Sunday, 12 March 2017

Llama, llama, llama... ALPACA?

Hello Peeps,

Whenever the Mother sees a llama (or alpaca) she always shouts, "Llama, llama, llama... ALPACA!" It has become a tradition and Miss H also does it now - even though there no one else is in the car, except me! Hee...hee... 
So llamas and alpacas have a special place in our hearts. 

Although in New Zealand there are mostly alpacas, these are definitely  llamas. 

Isn't she cute? She is called Sunshine. 

This one is called Fire. 
(Miss H found it quite hard to draw the faces free hand and the special pen's ink ran so she had to colour this poor fellow's eyes in completely. Ooops!)

Of course you must have crazy coloured llamas! 
Orange and Leaf are these ones names - I will let you guess which one is which...

You can find the free pattern HERE!

Miss H hasn't decided yet what to do with them. She has a couple of ideas: hairclips or bunting. 

Miss H and I are enjoying the sunshine after days and days of pouring rain! 

Love from
Baa. xxx

P.S. Next time you see a llama (or alpaca) don't forget to shout "Llama, llama, llama... ALPACA!"

Monday, 6 March 2017

A Hand-stitched Ball

Hello Paw-Pals,

Wow! March already! Time flies when you're a dog. Especially when you have some awesome toys. 

Miss H made this cool ball for the Mother and I to play with. 

The chocolate cake and pink on it aren't my favourite (I am a boy after all...but they are the Mother's favourite). I see it as my goal in life to chase and chew it no matter what colour. 

Miss H cut the templates out and hand stitched them together. 
The fabric was scrap fabric from the large pile. 

Not as comfy a pillow as the Mother who I am lying on in this picture. Heehee! 

Okay, bored now! 

Can we play please? Please?

Got you! Die ball!

Slobbery Kisses,
From Snowy!

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I'm back...

Hello Peeps,

I'm back! Yay! Miss H and I have been spending some time away from the blog while Miss H has been getting better and getting back into university. But now (at long last) I am back.

It has been mostly sunny here of late - but rain will be coming soon now that summer has ended. 

Pattern by Jenny of Elefantz

Miss H used different threads for this stitchery than she usually uses. The thread was much thicker and tricky to use - but she likes how it turned out.

Pattern by Jenny of Elefantz
This one is my favourite of the two stitcheries. I just LURVE the colours. 

A vase of flowers. At least these ones will never die like real flowers. 

A lady bug! Yay! One of my favourite bugs. 

Snowy will be posting his first blog post of 2017 early next week.

Miss H has been doing lots of creating with felt recently. Pop by late next week to see some of the things she has made. No hints - seeing as I don't know what sound llamas make... oops! Don't tell Miss H!!!

Love from,
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2017


Hello Peeps,

Unfortunately Miss H has been dreadfully sick since Friday. 😢😢😢 She is now recovering at home with the Mother, Snowy, and I after two hospital visits and a ride in an ambulance. Miss H is feeling much, much better!

As a sheep who wants to see the world (and the Milky Way) there is, however, one place I NEVER want to go and that is to Hospital!

So Deezee happily volunteered and appears to have quite enjoyed his hospital visits.  

 Hmmm, I think he got a bit carried away and pushed Miss H out of bed!!!

Love From,
Baa. xxx

P.S. I will show you Miss H's new room as soon as I am able.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Festival One

Hello Peeps,

Last weekend (which was a long weekend because Monday was a holiday - YAY!) Miss H went to a music festival which she ABSOLUTELY loved!!!

They had sooo many crafty things to make the place look beautiful. 

Aren't these knitted pot holder so coolio?! 

They even had cool giant games like this connect four and...

...these cool scrabble pieces which Miss H spelled my name with. 

Oh and one mustn't forget this awesome graffiti on a specially set-up wooden wall.  

This beautiful bird is a tui.  

These looked amazing swinging in the wind while Miss H listened to some lovely music. 

There was also two incredible teepees that gave some shade form the burning sun. This one was beautiful, but...

...this one was the BEST! It was completely crocheted. COOLIO! 

This week (since Tuesday) Miss H started university again. Next week I will be showing you her new room. 

Love From, 
Baa. xxx

Friday, 27 January 2017


Hello Peeps,

Donuts are one of my favourite foods - especially when covered in sprinkles!

Mmmmm! Donuts are sooo tasty! Which one should I eat first?

Miss H made some that look just as yummy as the real thing!

Hee...hee...hee... I think I have one stuck on my face! Thank goodness they are 100% fat free in the middle!

The donuts are made out of felt and the delicious icing is stitched on with blanket stitch. Sprinkles are scattered across the icing in several different thread colours. 

One donut for each leg! Is this Sheep Heaven?

Donut Sheep! This is the life!

Love From,
Baa. xxx

Friday, 20 January 2017

Westies are the Besties!

Hello Peeps,

Miss H's favourite EVER kind of doggy is a West Highland Terrier. She loves them so much that she decided she wanted to make some to carry with her wherever. Miss H made some coolio Westies that will keep her hands warm whenever she is cold or keep her hands cold when it is hot. 

Ta-Da! Aren't they adorable? 
A perfect Westie that is VERY well-behaved!

Look! The little doggies fit perfectly in a hand. I am biased but I think that they are the coolio-est hand-warmers EVER!

The Mother got her hands on this one (the tester which is a bit underweight) and added some bling and named her Sassy. 

This is the cute lil' Westie that Miss H made for the Mother. Red on one side and blue on the other to perfectly fit the lounge. 

Love From,
Baa. xxx