Friday, 13 September 2019

Paws and Threads

Hello Peeps,

The Mother has been back from her hip operation for two weeks now. It was a bit rough for her the first few days home as she must have caught a bug or food didn't agree with her meds. But now she is as right as rain!

However, Silly Snowy decided that he wanted to sympathize with the Mother and so he got a sore foot on the day after her surgery. Miss H and the Boss had to scramble to find a vet open on Sunday. Snowy had to have antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds. As well as a cone of shame! But the cone was too small and he could still reach his foot to lick it. So, back to the vets for his check-up and a BIGGER cone!

He can STILL reach his foot.


Miss H took him back to the vet on Monday afternoon. The vet had previously said if the foot hadn't healed they would have to put him under sedation and cut it open. ARGH!

Miss H has put one of her new socks around his foot to stop him licking it, but it still looks really bad. She chose pink because he has been very naughty! And apparently Snowy is not getting the message with the cone of shame!!!

Then on the day we went back to the vet he smashed his cone from top to bottom!!! Naughty doggy!
Thankfully, the vet decided to try him on different meds which meant he no longer needs the cone. Phew! And he doesn't have to go under sedation. Double phew! Slowly, slowly his paw is getting better. But he is sulking because the vet said he isn't allowed to go for walks. 

Just before the July winter holidays, Miss H got an absolute bargain on threads wound onto bobbins and stored in two sets of 41 drawer storage boxes, cross stitching fabric, and some cross stitch patterns. So all through the two week holiday (it pretty much took the entire two weeks) Miss H wound threads from her and the Mother's supply onto bobbins before colour coding their bobbins and the ones they got in the bargain deal into the two boxes. 

Here they are all organised. She thought about doing them by number, but decided that colour ranges would be easier for her to use. 

Look at those beautiful colours - I can almost smell the lavender.

She really should of named this the chocolate range!!! YUMMY!

Just writing green and blue on the labels didn't truly define what these lovely colours were. Two of Miss H's favourite drawers!

I'm tickled pink by these drawers. 

Miss H thought these would be the hardest threads to match anything with - but just this week she found that they perfectly suited the material she is using for her freinds' Christmas presents. 

These are kept sepraterly in a thread box becasue they are all lights and Miss H wasn't sure how many little boxes she would fill with all the other thread when she filled this one. 

These are the threads still in the bottom long drawers as Miss H had had enough winding and sorting by then. 

I think of beautiful warm sunshine whenever I open these drawers. 

Ahhhhhh... It feels as if I am swimming in an ocean of blue. 

I can see that Miss H was definetly going colour blind after the rainbow of colours. She clearly can't tell that these threads are purple... or are they brown? 

And of course one must have a drawer for all the varigated threads.

Miss H loves that everything is now organised. When starting a stitching project she used to dive into the tangle of the Mother's threads and chosse some ones she liked and once she was finished would try to match some fabric. But now, she chooses her fabric first and opens the relevant drawers to easily find the matching threads.

Now I better go and help Miss H. She has already ruined one chocolate banana bread by forgetting half the ingredients and I don't want her to ruin her second attempt.

Love from
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 17 August 2019


Hello Paw Pals,

It is ME! Snowy the little dog who thinks he is a rottweiler. 

A while ago, Miss H bought me a doggie bandanna and then the Mother used it as a template (with some tweaks to make it even better!) to make me some more with very funky fabric. She finished them earlier this week and Miss H convinced me that I should do a photo shoot. Cheese is a very convincing tool. 

Give me the CHEESE!

No one can see me - I am in camouflage! 
This is my favourite one - it is so helpful when I hunt the birds that visit my lawn. (I never catch them though...)

What is on that bandanna you are putting on me, Miss H?

Oh the embarrassment! Take it off me, take it off me NOW!!!

Oooh, blue. This one is so stylish!

Is that my best side?

Or this side?

This one is a gift for another dog. I will make sure to get my scent all over it so she knows it came from me!

Right, now I've done a photoshoot, eaten cheese, and written a blog post, SO now it must be time for my walk! Help me put my rain jacket on please Miss H - I hear Grandma coming to take me!

Slobbery Kisses,
Snowy. Woof!

Friday, 9 August 2019

Fruit, Stitching and Christmas

Hello Peeps,

I went into hiding after my first blog post for awhile (because it has been soooooo very cold and miserable here), and it wasn't until Miss H threatened that Snowy (the Enemy) would do this blog post unless I showed up that I decided the game was up. Miss H said I was very naughty and have put on a few kgs (one MUST have chocolate when hiding), so she said Snowy will do the next blog post. Harumph!!!

Miss H has almost finished the applique blocks for her Beary Fruity quilt. She called it that because it has bears and fruit in it and she couldn't resist the terribly cheesy name.

Miss H first wrote about the quilt last year HERE and HERE where she showed the flower, sun, watermelon, and two bear blocks. Now she is almost finished ALL of the blocks - she just has to colour match an aqua blue for a pair of sleeves and a shirt, as well as adding facial details. This quilt has taken much longer than Miss H had expected as it is done in blanket stitch by hand.

So here are some more of the blocks:

 Miss H has actually been munching on oranges this week, until her chin reacted so I had to finish them off for her. Plus they taste better with chocolate! Yummo!

Limes are one of the few fruit this little sheepie hasn't tried... yet! I wonder of these fabric ones will taste nice???

Ewwww! Sour lemons! You can have all of these ones, Miss H!

Miss H will take some photos of the bears - once they have eyes on! They look creepy without eyes...

And in stitching news:

The Mother is teaching a lady how to quilt, but they were one block of fabric short. So the Mother volunteered Miss H to hand stitch a block that would also function as the label. 
I think Miss H deserves chocolate for being volunteered!

"The Butterfly Quilt" 

Now, each year The Mother and Miss H have a Christmas theme, and this year it is the Mother's turn. Miss H has already started on an applique quilt for the theme - one which she will NOT do by hand so it may actually be finished in time...

Here is a sneaky peek:

Pictures of ugly sweaters on the ugly sweaters! Hee...hee...hee...

We don't really have ugly Christmas sweaters in New Zealand because Christmas is at summertime here. 
But I wouldn't mind this coolio snowman!

Miss H got this fabric a few years ago while visiting The Geek down in Wellington near Christmas time, so it is very special to her. 

The Mother and Miss H said the theme is a secret until closer to Christmas, but I'm going to give you a hint about what theme this deerly loved fabric will become.

Lots of love,
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 20 July 2019

What's been happening?

Hello Peeps,

How are you all? A few of you have asked how Miss H, the Mother and I am so I wanted to let you know that we are all really good.

Miss H finished her placement at the centre she didn't like, and then she did her final placement at a truly wonderful centre where she knew the teachers and they were wonderfully supportive! It was the best placemnet EVER! But the BESTEST and COOLIO-est part is that she got a job there! Wahoo! She is soooooooo happy and is about to start her second term of work tomorrow. (Not all early childhood centres follow school terms, but this is a rare one that does as well as having the session between 8:30-2:30.)

But before Miss H started work, the Mother, the Boss, Miss H and her friend Kit-Kat's family went for a week's holiday in Rarotonga. Yay!

The beaches were so beautiful and clear. This is one of the ones filled with rocks so we didn't go swimming here, but at night we saw lights where the locals were out spearing fish.

There was beautiful coral in the water that we saw when we went swimming. The dead coral (from both natural and man-made causes) was washed up on the rocky beaches and it was amazing to see the intricateness of it.

The little hermit crabs were the best part of walking along the beach. Though they were quite scared little fellows. Miss H had to wait for ages for this little fellow to pop his head out and start scuttling around after she had accidentally scared him.

While on a walk up the mountain it started to rain. The Boss saw these huge leaves and said they would make great umbrellas. A few minutes under them disproved that crazy idea. 

 This was at the top of the mountain that the Boss and Miss H climbed.

And there at the top of the mountain was this grumpy old rooster. He followed them up the last few hundred meters. I'm not allowed to tell you that the Boss feed him a little... 

This was one of the views from the top. 

Miss H, the Mother and the Boss went snorkeling lots and lots. They even used underwater scooters (like in James Bond) to see turtles.


In June Miss H graduated and got to walk across the stage and get her official certificate. Don't worry, I was there in the Mother's bag and got a fantastic view.

Miss H doesn't usually allow her photo to go on the blog. She likes to remain in the background as the fabulous assistant. But I convinced her that all you lovely followers would like to see her all dressed up in regalia.

Miss H (Hannah) with the Mother (Karen) at Hannah's graduation of a teaching degree in early childhood education.


Now, I'm sure you are all wondering if any sewing or stitching or crafting has been going on in all this time. Yes, it definitely has! 

Miss H stitched up a couple of super cute stitcheries for the Mother which she turned into cushions for her and the Boss' room. 

This is a delightful stitchery by Jenny of Elefantz. 
Miss H matched the threads to the fabric. Usually, Miss H chooses threads and then tries to find fabric that matches (NEVER a good idea!)

In fact, it is very special fabric because Miss H bought it from Wales when she went a few years ago. Now it has been made into such a lovely cushion. 

Little Nutbrown Hare and Big Nutbrown Hare are two of the Mother's favourite characters, so it was perfect when Miss H and her found fabric with them on. 

Miss H then used a free colouring page as the pattern for her stitchery. 
Aren't they just soooo coolio?

There has been lots more crafty stuff going on, but that will have to wait until another blog post. Now that life and work have settled down into a steady routine my wonderful assistant will be able to blog more often. Yay! I know you all have missed me soooooo much - and I have missed you all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much too! 

Now, I must be off. I saw the Boss buy a bar of my favourite chocolate, so I need to think up a plan to steal borrow it. 

Lots of LURVE
Baa. xxx

Friday, 11 January 2019

Not What We Were Hoping For...

Hello Peeps,

I wish you all a VERY belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Miss H and I have been rather quiet on my blog lately because the placement she was soooo very excited about has not turned out the way she was hoping it would. In fact, Miss H has found it incredibly difficult as she struggles with their philosophy and teaching techniques. At times, it is just plain awful! But, thankfully, there are also some fun times like one little boy who rushes over to give her a hug each morning.

This was Miss H's first week back after a two week break in the middle of her 6 week placement for Christmas and New Year's. I am looking forward to showing you the coolio wall-hanging the Mother made her for Christmas and the presents Miss H made for the Mother that she managed to keep a surprise (Miss H is terrible at keeping presents as surprises because she gets sooooo excited about what she is making for the person and how much they will love it that she can't resist telling them! Oh dear!). But for this first blog post in 2019, I wanted to show you what Miss H has been stitching over her placement (to keep herself sane)!

This little hedgehog and praying mantis are for a cushion Miss H is planning which uses up the leftover fabric from a charm pack. The charm pack was used to make a wall-hanging so the cushion will pair nicely. 

How cute is this golden retriever? No plans have been made yet as to what he will be used for. 

These two sets of camping themed stitcheries are going to be made into bookmarks for Miss H's library that has taken over the spare room. 

Quack! Quack! Quack!

I think this one is shrimply the best!

Roses are red!
Miss H's favouritest flower are roses.

Miss H finished this stitchery just before Christmas but there wasn't time to make it into a mini quilt. 

Miss H's Auntie went to a quilt shop last week and when she came across this fabric she instantly thought of Miss H. 

Isn't it gorgeous? It has words related to birds.

And this matching fabric has the most beautiful birds on it. Look at those amazing flowers, too!
Miss H can't wait to make it into something... the hardest part is what should she make?

Love from
Baa. xxx