Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Spirit of New Zealand!!!

I am BURSTING with excitement.  On Wednesday Miss H and the Mother went on The Spirit of New Zealand. Me, being Miss H's mascot, got to go too!!! The Mother decided that we should go on the train because parking in Auckland City is REALLY expensive.

I nearly didn't make it onto the train because Miss H forgot me. Thankfully The Boss rescued me!

I was then gently stuffed into Miss H's bag for the train trip!

I was hung up with all the wet weather gear...
 This is me doing "housekeeping."  Which is making sure all the ropes are nice and tidy.  :)
 Sitting in VERY expensive rope. The rope is $2,000 a metre. :O
 Ding! Ding!
Get my best side Miss H. I lurve climbing masts!!!


Yours truly,
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hello Everyone.  Today's post is about ELEPHANTS!!!
 Look at the Mother's and Miss H's elephant collection. Miss H's elephants are the two on the left. The Mother was recently given an elephant by Aunty S. who arrived home from India two weeks ago.
 It has a baby elephant carved inside of it. I spent HOURS sitting and looking at it trying to work out how they got the baby elephant inside.
 A couple of years ago Miss H stitched "Ellie" by Jenny of Elefantz.
It was one of the first ever stitchery patterns that Miss H has done. She is very proud of it. 

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC weekend!  

Baa. xxx

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Buttons for Baa!!! And The Gardens!

Hello Peeps.   Hahaha! Get it?   Little Bo Peep!    Haha.   

Anyway, you may notice the coolio as new buttons on the left. I lurve them!!! The Mother and Miss H are stitching "Daisy Days" by Jenny of Elefantz.  

AND they have joined a blog hop!!!   They are soooooooooooo excited!!! It is a Christmas blog hop by sew we quilt.    Except it's in July.  Isn't that a little funny???

Miss H, The Mother, and The Boss took The Enemy for a walk at the Gardens.

 This is a REALLY coolio sculpture. It is lots of spades together with their ends sticking out.
 *whimper* Miss H decided to put me next to The Enemy so we could be friends.  Yeah right!  As soon as they turn away I will be in his mouth!!!

Sitting among the plants!!!

Peep!  Heeheehee!

Baa. xxx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hahahaha! The Enemy is BUSTED!!!

Mwahahahaha!   The Enemy is in trouble!   Heeheehee!   OK, so it's NOT funny for poor Miss H!  But The Enemy is in trouble (for once!!!)...

What did he do? (heeheehee)

He stole Miss H's pattern and chewed it!  Right through the plastic!  He then undid the threads and spread them out all over the lounge!!! Making sure that they were nicely soaked with his slobber!    


Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I am REALLY helpful! And meeting The Enemy!

Miss H and The Mother were given 2 plastic bags and a BIG black bag filled with scraps!!! I decided to prove to them that I should be allowed in the sewing room and that they should teach me how to sew. So I helped them sort out the scraps!!!

This is me helping Miss H sort out the batiks.   She plans to make a quilt with them one day...

This is The Enemy!  Look how UNHELPFUL he is!!!

Look at that guilty face!
He is EVIL!!!   Don't be fooled by his so called "cuteness"!  That creature is a MONSTER!!!
Back to the important thing - me!  Look at all the coolio fabric!!!
Baa. xxx