Monday, 21 December 2015

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hello Peeps,

Miss H and her friend Miss R decided to make some hot chocolate spoons for some easy Christmas gifts. They found the idea on Pinterest.

First, they stamped words onto the ends of the sticks.
I stayed out of the way for this part - don't want black ink on my precious hooves!

Then it was into production time. Mmmmm... melted chocolate and crushed candy canes... my favourite!

Once all the spoons were done Miss H and Miss R wrapped them in cellophane.
Err... do we have to wrap them all? Could we eat a few instead..?

They look sooooo yummy! I hope Miss H is going to give me some to stir into my Christmas hot chocolate.

Oooh... I just had to show you this one. Miss R got all fancy and made it swirly!

Love From
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Pallet Christmas Tree

Hello Peeps,

The Mother saw on Pinterest a pallet board tree and decided to give it a go.

So the Boss found her a pallet.

And I stirred the tin of paint. Uh, I hope I don't fall in...

After the Mother painted the tree, it was time to nail some decorations to the pallet.

Here is just a few of the decorations...

...and TADA! Isn't it coolio? The Mother wrapped lights around it.

Look at it lit up at night.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Christmas Cake Competition

Hello Peeps,
Miss H and her friend, Miss S, entered a cake competition at Miss S's church. The cakes were then auctioned off to raise funds for the youth group to go to camp.

Here is their entry.
Isn't this the cutest pink snowman family?!

Can you hear them singing Christmas carols? Heehee!

I think this tiny teddy has "borrowed" Santa's sleigh...

... and these ones are on the present sack. Naughty teddies!
And guess what! Miss H and Miss S won first place! YAY!!!
Love From
Baa. xxx

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Boxy Pouch Reveal

Hello Peeps,

Today is the big reveal! The Mother and Miss H made eighteen pouches in total! 18!!!

These are the pouches the Mother made. She LURVED making them.

Most of the Mother's are quilted with zigzag stitch in wavy lines

And the rest are in straight stitch wavy lines.

She also added a cute little label on this pouch.

Miss H made these pouches. She also LURVED making them! Heehee.

Miss H had fun quilting all of hers different ways.
This one she quilted in straight lines close to each other.
(Miss H is keeping this one)

And this one was quilted with zig-zag stitches on the diagonals. Miss H and the Mother think it looks very vintage style.

My pouch is coming... I will show you that another time. :)

Love From
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 3 December 2015


Hello Peeps,

I helped Miss H and the Mother make pouches.

First of all, I started cutting the edges, but the Mother quickly took the cutter off me! I have NO idea why...

Then I got a close up view of Miss H quilting. But she said I was getting in the way!

So I went to visit the Mother and she said, "Baa darling, do you want to make me a cuppa tea?"
I am sure it was just a ploy to get rid of me. Hrumph!

In the end I gave up and grabbed a candy cane to eat in peace and quiet somewhere nice and comfortable...

Oops! I think I got candy cane all over their pouches! Don't tell them!

Pop by on Tuesday to see the finished pouches.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Monday, 30 November 2015

Box Pouch Testing

Hello Peeps,

Earlier this year the Mother and Miss H decided to make handmade gifts for Christmas.

So they decided they would make boxy pouches and fill them with jars of homemade sugar scrubs and foot scrubs.

But first - they needed to learn how to make boxy pouches... that is where Pinterest comes in... So with three different tutorials the Mother started testing.

Unfortunately the first pouch tutorial turned out far too big and very difficult to make - the Mother nearly pulled her hair out!
And the next one was no better - it is a wee bit small and has several other issues.

But then the Mother came across THIS tutorial. And it makes lovely, easy to sew pouches. YAY!
(Technical Note from the Mother: She cute our pouches 15" by 11" because she wanted them bigger.)

The Mother quilted it with some swiggly lines.

And added a nice little ribbon.
But the best part of this pouch is...

... it is SHEEP SIZED! Heehee.
Miss H and the Mother will be very busy sewing! They want to make at least 12 for their friends and family. I will keep you posted... 
Love From
Baa. xxx

P.S. I have been promised my own pouch - in boys colours!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Finishing School Quilt: Kat

Hello peeps,

Today is the last block of Miss H's Finishing School quilt that I will be showing this year - but don't worry, I will show you the rest of the blocks and the completed quilt next year.

Over the next few weeks, the Mother and Miss H will be doing Christmas present sewing. And I will be doing some secret "elf" work (which is pretty much sneaking some pictures of their creations without them knowing... hee...hee..)!

Today's block is a cat and it represents Miss H's best friend - Kit Kat (a.k.a Kat).

Miss H and Kit Kat have been friends since they were born - just 23 days apart. Miss H was born first and Kit Kat loves to tell Miss H that the first 23 days of Miss H's life were terrible because it felt like something was missing. And then Kit Kat was born and the hole in her life was filled. Hee...hee...hee....

And look! There is a "C" for cat in the fabric.
Lots of love
From Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Triangle Pouches

Hello Peeps,

Miss H and the Mother found THIS lovely tutorial for a triangle pouch - and they just couldn't resist giving it a go.

Miss H found some pretty pink fabrics to match her mini zipper.

And the Mother went all out with bright and crazy colours for her one.

And they both turned out so coolio!

The Mother thought that it was the perfect size to store her buttons.

Oh, and look - the pouch matches her button tree perfectly.
(Money might not grow on trees, but buttons sure do! Heehee!)

Miss H filled hers with stamps from movies filmed in NZ.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Finishing School Quilt: Pig

Hello Peeps,

Yesterday was The Mother's birthday. And she choose a VERY special cake for her party...


So, I would like to introduce you to Percy the Pig. He will be helping me show today's block - which, of course, is a PIG!

And it represents the Mother (please note that SHE was the one to choose her block).
The Mother has loved pigs since a tour around England with her friend in her early twenties. Whenever they saw a pig in the open fields her friend would say, "Happy pig."
Now whenever the Mother sees a pig she will also shout - "HAPPY PIG!"
Love From
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Finishing School Quilt: Work, L Plate, Letter, and Fish

Hello Peeps,

This block represents the Community Center where Miss H works.

In June Miss H got her Learner's License. The Mother is a very calm when teaching Miss H to drive - although she has screamed "BRAKE" several times...

Miss H has a pen pal who she writes to by snail mail. This block represents all the letters she has sent and received.

The Mother, Miss H and the Boss absolutely LURVE the beach. And seeing as she couldn't put sand in her quilt (I did suggest it could be added to the batting...) she decided to add a fish.
P.S. Continuing with our electronics disasters: the Mother's Surface decided to kick the bucket and has to be replaced - which means it is getting a plane ride all the way to Australia!
Love From
Baa. xxx