Monday, 30 November 2015

Box Pouch Testing

Hello Peeps,

Earlier this year the Mother and Miss H decided to make handmade gifts for Christmas.

So they decided they would make boxy pouches and fill them with jars of homemade sugar scrubs and foot scrubs.

But first - they needed to learn how to make boxy pouches... that is where Pinterest comes in... So with three different tutorials the Mother started testing.

Unfortunately the first pouch tutorial turned out far too big and very difficult to make - the Mother nearly pulled her hair out!
And the next one was no better - it is a wee bit small and has several other issues.

But then the Mother came across THIS tutorial. And it makes lovely, easy to sew pouches. YAY!
(Technical Note from the Mother: She cute our pouches 15" by 11" because she wanted them bigger.)

The Mother quilted it with some swiggly lines.

And added a nice little ribbon.
But the best part of this pouch is...

... it is SHEEP SIZED! Heehee.
Miss H and the Mother will be very busy sewing! They want to make at least 12 for their friends and family. I will keep you posted... 
Love From
Baa. xxx

P.S. I have been promised my own pouch - in boys colours!


  1. What a cute little pouch and just the right size! Thank you for the tutorial link! Have a lovely week! Christine x

  2. I really like this one Baa. I think I will be trying this pattern out to make new makeup bags for my daughters-in-love. AND I'm very glad to hear that you are getting your very own pouch in nice boy colours. After all, pink just isn't your colour is it.

  3. Beautiful pouches there Baa ... there are some great tutorials out there for making crafts. Love that you fitted in that one ... be careful they dont give you away as a gift !!!!

  4. Thanks for doing the experimenting and giving us the link to the good tutorial!! Looks like 12 people are going to be very happy this Christmas. xx

  5. Cute boxy pouch. I have seen so many it is hard to choose which one to do.