Tuesday, 30 July 2013

HoHoHo Christmas Blog Hop!!!

Hello everyone, I am soooooooo excited! Today is the first day of the Christmas blog hop (YAY!). I would like to thank Carol and Madam Sam! They are SUPER organizers and cheerleaders! I am sending them a virtual sheep hug! 

Out of the kindness of my heart I said Miss H and the Mother were allowed to use my blog so they could join the blog hop. I am sooo lovely!
We read all the rules and saw that there is a Naughty and Nice list. We decided we had better get started straight away because the Mother said she has NEVER been on a Naughty list and wasn't going to start now.

So make a cuppa coffee or tea and eat some shortbread and read on.....

This is me! I suggested that Miss H and the Mother put some of the things they made in hoops. I had the great idea while I was hula hooping!  :)

I will start with my favourite thing Miss H made.  ME!!! I am sooo cute! Look at all those french knots Miss H did for my wool.

The Mother had lots of fun making this. The bunting is only sewn along the top so they can flap.

Bustle and Sew 2012

I wish we had ice where I live (It is winter here, not that you would know it by the lovely sunshine we are having) so I can go ice skating like the coolio penguin Miss H stitched.

I love this Christmas carol.

A-OK Embroidery - Annie Oakleaves

Four gorgeous Pixies wrapped up warm to sing Christmas carols.

Why not sew - Christmas Tutorial

Don't tell the Mother but I am going to steal this to put with my Christmas decorations. Woops! I didn't mean "steal" I meant borrow... Please DON'T put me on the Naughty list!!!

Quilt Doodle Designs - Tutorial 2012

This is umm... nice... I HATE dogs. But... the Mother has done such a good job on it.

Snowbuddies - Adapted by the Mother - found on Pinterest

The reason for the season.  :)

Red Brolly

I am calm! Where is the Christmas chocolate?

Ellies Quiltplace - Winter in Blogland

Mmmmm... peppermint tea.  Yummy!

Flurry - Kate Spain - adapted by the Mother

Are the presents for ME?!

Lynette Anderson Designs - adapted by the Mother

Santa's Sleigh. I bet the big sack is for me!

Look at the jar cover the Mother made.

 Pesky dog!  Back away from the chocolate!!! Or ELSE!!!

 I don't think these are going to last until Christmas...........

 I don't feel well................my tummy hurts.................

Coolio button tree.

Aurifil Blog hop by Thimbleanna
 Stockings should be filled with chocolate.........

Hannequilt Creations

 Two awesome mini mice cushions. Miss H's is the one in the front and the Mother's is the one at the back.

What? Oh, are you taking the photo now? Whoops....

 A snowman jar filled with yummy Polos.  I would know...

Merry Christmouse - Stitches by Carin 2012

And "the Almost Finished..."   Miss H hasn't decided what to do with the stitcheries....

Festive Dog : dardik - orangeyoulucky
Another "Almost Finished."

 The Mother also designed a quilt  using stitcheries and coolio fabrics she got from Thumpacat.

Festive Dog : dardik - orangeyoulucky
Bustle and Sew 2012

Mystery quilt - the Country Yard

 And FINALLY, Miss H finished a quilt she started back in 2011. She sewed the rest of the squares,  then sewed the quilt together before quilting the whole thing. :)

Here is a close-up of one of the blocks.

Whew! Sure made them work over the last 7 weeks!
Not that I'm a competitive sheepie.......hee...hee... 

Go check out all the COOLIO stuff the other ladies have made.  :)

July 31

Baa. xxx

Monday, 22 July 2013

School Holidays, Get Smart, and the Christmas Spirit!!!

 Miss H has been on holiday since last week. Not that that means she has had a lot of free time. On Tuesday until Friday she was at Get Smart, which is a Christian Youth conference, with her youth group. She said it was AWESOME!

 You may have noticed that we have a button ( to the right ) that says Miss H and The Mother have joined a Christmas blog hop. Humans are soooooo crazy! It is July not December!!! Yes, it may be winter here, but I personally think Christmas should be in the summer... I guess that comes from being a Southern Hemisphere sheep...  Anyway, that's not the point, the point is I am not at all in the Christmas spirit, so I decided that I should show you some things that Miss H and The Mother have made for previous Christmas'!

Above is me in a Christmas sack.

You must view things from all sorts of different angles!

Miss H's Christmas pocket, which is allegedly filled with chocolate...

No, Miss H, I haven't seen the chocolate which was in the pocket... I don't believe there was any in there in the first place...


Baa. xxx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Sharing is Caring... Unless it's germs...

Poor, poor Miss H.  She has had the flu for over a week now but is slowly getting better. Unfortunately Miss H decided to share her germs with the Mother... not nice... so now the Mother is SOOOO sick. I hate winter!!!

They have pretty much been watching T.V. , sleeping, and drinking tea since last Saturday.

They are all set for another weekend wrapped up warm with some DVD's to watch.