Sunday, 18 June 2017

Stitching on Colour - Pink!!!

Hello Paw-Pals,

Shhh... Don't tell the sheepie that it isn't really the weekend anymore. He told me to post on the weekend... and he can get quite grumpy if I don't...

The Mother was thrilled with her stitchery presents.

Here they are! The stitcheries are from the book "S is for Stitch" by Pretty by Hand. 
It is one of Miss H's favourite books and she can't wait to stitch up the girl alphabet quilt from the book. 

Apparently these are accessories... not something I would ever wear or carry around with me!

No way would you see me wearing a dress! 

The Mother found this lovely fabric to make them into a mini quilt with (when she gets time). She loves getting stitcheries from Miss H because her favourite part is making them into something. 

Slobbery Kisses From, 
Snowy. Woof!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Stitching on Colour

Hello Peeps,

I am back for good now. Yay! Miss H is feeling much, much better. Yay again! Now, just because we have been away from Blog-land doesn't mean that we haven't been making things. So I have some new things to show you over the coming weeks. I am so excited!!!

First of all, Miss H and the Mother have been trying something new. It all started when they were watching old fashioned movies (romance ones - ew!) which had quilts in them. They noticed that many of the quilts did not use white as a background but instead used a colour - usually yellow. Miss H and the Mother were keen to try using a colour as their background - not just in their quilts but also for their stitcheries.

That was when Miss H found a bag of scraps the Mother had given her that contained five pink squares.

Miss H was at home up in Auckland, but the Mother was away visiting the Geek so Miss H decided to stitch up four stitcheries for the Mother on the pink squares and use the last one for something else. 

Miss H drew the stitcheries with a water erasable pen. The Mother is usually the one who draws out all of the stitcheries as she is good at using a pencil (which Miss H prefers to stitch over), but one cannot make a surprise gift if the recipient has to draw it out! 

I was hoping to show you more pictures but... Snowy got grumpy and shoved me out of the way and insisted that Miss H do something with him *. He is even lying on her stitchery bags so she couldn't do anymore stitcheries!!!

Miss H decided to take pity on Snowy and took him out - she even bought him an ice-cream!!! 
He gets very sooky when the Mother goes away and acts as if his world has ended. 
Maybe if I did the same Miss H would buy me chocolate...

The reveal of the completed stitcheries will have to wait until the weekend, along with the coloured fabric choices Miss H and the Mother made to try stitching on. 

Love From, 
Baa. xxx

*Possibly not the actual story...