Sunday, 18 June 2017

Stitching on Colour - Pink!!!

Hello Paw-Pals,

Shhh... Don't tell the sheepie that it isn't really the weekend anymore. He told me to post on the weekend... and he can get quite grumpy if I don't...

The Mother was thrilled with her stitchery presents.

Here they are! The stitcheries are from the book "S is for Stitch" by Pretty by Hand. 
It is one of Miss H's favourite books and she can't wait to stitch up the girl alphabet quilt from the book. 

Apparently these are accessories... not something I would ever wear or carry around with me!

No way would you see me wearing a dress! 

The Mother found this lovely fabric to make them into a mini quilt with (when she gets time). She loves getting stitcheries from Miss H because her favourite part is making them into something. 

Slobbery Kisses From, 
Snowy. Woof!


  1. Pretty stitcheries which are going to make a lovely little quilt with that paisley fabric. xx

  2. Cute stitcheries, lovely gift and will make a fun mini quilt.

  3. The Mother's pink stitching on pink is gorgeous. Thanks for showing them to us Snowy. xx

  4. Make sure those slobbery kisses don't get all over the pretty stitcheries Snowy - you might be in trouble! Looking forward to seeing what The Mother creates with them.