Saturday, 1 July 2017

Still Stitching on Colour...

Hello Peeps,

Miss H has been on intensives last week and this coming week. Intensives are when she has classes ALL day EVERY day. Really really boring for me who has to stay at home.

She has still got some stitching done in between times though (can't show you those ones yet as they are one of her super secret projects that she is working on...). But I can show you the ones she has been stitching on colour. This time yellow as well as pink again.

Here it is. Pretty coolio I think!

Though not seen in this photo because of the light, this is actually quite a bright yellow - the first photo shows the brightness better but still it is brighter! The Mother and Miss H decided that it was too bright to stitch on again because it changed the colours of the threads used quite a lot. 

The other colours they got to stitch on - an aqua and a lighter pink to the one in the previous posts and below - are much lighter than this yellow. 
But fear not, the Mother has decided to use the yellow as a background in one of her quilts! 

This is not one of Miss H's favourite as she doesn't like purple but she had some purple thread and it matched the pink nicely so she gave it a go. 

This kitten has the right idea snuggling up and falling asleep. 

Love From
Baa. xxx

P.S. Miss H will reveal the super secret projects in September when she has finished stitching and sewing them. I will give you a hint - they will be perfect for using with infants and toddlers (which is who Miss H is learning about this coming semester). 


  1. I love your kitten, Baa!!! How lovely!!!

    1. Thank you. It reminds us of Luna always lying around snoozing!

    2. Mia - love your crochet earings!

  2. Ah such cute stitcheries. The kitten is very cute.

  3. Hello Baa ... just catching up on all your news. What beautiful stitcheries Miss H is working on ... look forward to seeing the big reveal. Hope it all went well for Miss H's classes & exams. xx

  4. Aw - such a cute wee kitty! Hot here today and I would have liked to join that kitty in a snooze.