Monday, 26 December 2016

Pink Christmas!

Hello Peeps,

This was our Christmas in Pink!!!

This is the table setting. Miss H used one of her quilts as the table cloth. 

Grandma and Miss H conspired together to use the Mother's favourite roses as the centerpiece. Thankfully the Mother thought it looked amazing - even though we pinched her roses! Hee...hee...heee!

Of course Miss H had to make some pretty pink crackers! 
There was yummy licorice inside!

Snowflakes were hung on the chairs. 

This was our delicious Christmas dinner spread. 

The Boss used a cookie cutter to cut the ham into heart shapes. 

Mmmmmm... Dessert! 
Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake and Grandma's delicious pavlova! 

Grandma put pink food colouring in to make the pavlova pink. It was her first time ever changing the colour of a pavlova. 
Look how bright the inside turned out. 

Oh, and of course - ICECREAM!!!

Yummy supper! 
There was cookies as well but Miss H didn't get any pictures of them - which is probably good because the gingerbread men looked like pink mummies! 


Luna enjoyed ripping apart the beautiful decorations. 

"Ooops! Caught in the act... I blame the dog!" Meowed Luna.

We will be away on Summer holiday until the 8th.
I hope you all have a fantastic New Year's Day!

Love From
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Hello Peeps,

This is the second part of our adventure - all the goodies we bought.

This was the most amazing smelling potpourri.  Julie makes it herself and we were so lucky that Julie gave us some as a gift.  Presently it is making our whole home smell yummy!!!

We bought some lovely goodies from her shop and they came in this lovely gift bag. 

And look - The Mother bought three of these coolio toadstools. 

She popped it straight into her funky flower pot when she got home.

The Mother bought potpourri for her friend, some beautiful smelling soap and a lovely card with the cutest crochet flower.

And this was all for her!  The BESTEST, BESTEST, BESTEST bunting. It looks soooo coolio hanging up on her little hutch dresser.
(I must admit Miss H and I did try and snaffle it from the Mother...heehee...)

This is such a coolio idea - a bag to keep cheese in so it doesn't go moldy. The Mother got it for Miss H to take with her when she goes back to Tauranga at the end of January for Unversityi again at her new boarding place.

And Miss H couldn't resist Diane. Isn't she adorable in her teeny tiny teacup? 

Miss H got the coolio-est sewing machine - a vintage blue sewing machine!!! 
Isn't it the bestest?! And it still works - which makes it even better!!!

Love From
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Threadbear Cottage!!!

Hello Peeps,

Today the Mother, Miss H, and I went to visit the wonderful Julie of Threadbear Cottage. It was a truly lovely day!!!

Yummy! We had a DELICIOUS morning tea. My favourite was the raspberry and white chocolate muffin and the gingernut balls, AND the chocolate fudge! It was ALL so yummy!!!

 Look at this lovely deck area for people to sit and enjoy their lunch and a cuppa tea.  Julie has lots of different groups come and enjoy her beautiful garden and buy her wonderful craft items.

 Yep, that's me looking handsome sitting on the lovely tablecloth.

 Loving the butterflies, come fly with me. Let's fly, let's fly away!

 Isn't this the coolest wall with plates on it? And the suitcase is awesome with the flowers growing out of it. Lurve it! What a wonderful idea!  

And Julie has just painted her cast iron furniture red. With the matching kettle it is the perfect place for me to sit and view the garden.

 Peek-a-boo! I see you!

 Isn't this the coolest basin?
Can you see the shop in the background

Giddy up, horsey!

What a treat Threadbear cottage is. Beautiful things! Sparkles! 
All created by Julie and her friends!

 Yep, that's me again - in the middle of lots of coolio things!

 I met a whole bunch of friends too!

 And the smell of these beautiful soaps........mmmmm...........

Baby's tears in teapots and a teacup. Lovely!
 Julie gave us a plant to take home! So we can grow our own! YAY!
Miss H has already sorted out her yellow teapot for hers and the Mother is using a red and white one she bought at an op shop.

 And look! This is the famous Miss Pippi. She's not too sure about us visiting - after all it is HER space!

"I think I might just hide round this bush." Miss Pippi meowed.

 "Can you still see me? I am camouflaged."

 Julie has the most beautiful cottage garden - EVER, EVER, EVER!!! She plants flowers in the most wonderful objects and makes them look so special.

L to R: The Mother, Miss H, Julie

We had a wonderful visit - we talked and talked and talked! It was such fun! We soooooo enjoyed it. It was decided that we would share a rare picture of actual people on this blog - it is such a cool picture to have as a memory of this COOLIO day!
(Do you notice who is missing??? Hrumph!)

Julie told us about a lovely lavender farm just down the road so we had to check it out.
Fields of purple.

Isn't it lovely? 
The Mother and Miss H got a lovely lavender scented gift for Grandma. 

Our last stop in Te Awamutu before heading home was The Hummingbird Cafe (which is run by a friend of Julie's) where we had a slice of hummingbird cake (sadly I had to share MY piece with Miss H). So yummy I could have eaten the whole slice even though it was nearly as big as me.

It really was a perfect day.
Thank you Julie!!!

There was soooo much to share that it wouldn't all fit in one post so pop by tomorrow to see the goodies we got!

Love From
Baa. xxx

Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas in ...

Hello Peeps,

This year's Christmas theme is CHRISTMAS IN PINK!!!

Pink decorations! Pink clothes! Pink food! 
Pink! Pink! Pink!

We are having a special Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve (with the pink theme) this year because on Christmas Day we are flying to Wellington to celebrate with the Geek (so he doesn't have to spend Christmas alone). 

Love From
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Scraps, a Burn, and Kiwi Ingenuity

Hello Peeps,

The other day Miss H did some sewing - in between the chaos of everything going on at the moment.

A friend of the Mother's - whom the Mother has been teaching to quilt - gave Miss H the cut-off from the X and O blocks she has been making.

So Miss H sewed them all together. They are a bit tangled Miss H...

Unfortunately, Miss H then burnt herself on the iron. Ow! 
She got the angle wrong when she picked it up as both Miss H and the Mother had been using the iron so the angle kept changing. 
So she ran her arm under the water for ages while I cried big sheepie tears. 

But she slowly kept going with the sewing. 

Here are the pieces for one of the two pouches Miss H made. 

Later when the Boss came home and heard about Miss H's burn - and that she hadn't run it under the water for 15 minutes - he used some Kiwi ingenuity.
This is Miss H's arm wrapped up in a damp tea towel and held firmly by a ratchet strap that the Boss uses to tie things down in the trailer. It worked perfectly for taking the stinging heat out of the burn. 

Here are the completed pouches. 

This one now belongs to the Mother.

The Mother quilted both of the pouches. She stitched Snowy and her name into her one. 

She wrote Miss H's name, love and joy into Miss H's pouch. 

Perfect and very comfortable. 

Pop by on Monday to see what Miss H has decided for this year's Christmas theme. 

Love From
Baa. xxx