Friday, 28 February 2014

I've got MAIL!!!

Hello Peeps,

(No, I did not scare the mailman... much...)

This is the pincushion the wonderful lady sent me! It is PERFECT! Such a manly skinny pinny!

 And look at all the AWESOME goodies she sent with it! I love Love LOVE it all!

Inside this cute bag she added even more things!  I absolutely love coins!

 Look at the coolio badges!

What an amazing poster!

I LOVE it ALL!!!
 Thank you so much to my swap partner!

Love From

Monday, 24 February 2014

Who is that in my tree?

Hello Peeps,

Can you spot me? 
Why am I in a tree you wonder? Because I am waiting for the mail lady. A wonderful friend of mine told me that if I hide in the mail box I might scare the mail lady so she suggested that I should wait in the window.  But the window is sooooooooooo far away... and the tree has a perfect view.

 So here I am....waiting...

And while I was waiting I found someone else already in my tree. (Did you see him in the first picture?)

This is my new friend. He was born with only three legs. 

I decided to name him Legolas. 

I am still in the tree... waiting...waiting...waiting...but at least now I have a friend to pass the time with.

Love From

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I LURVE the Mail Lady!

 Hello Peeps,

 Look at the Mother's beautiful pink roses. Do you think she will notice if I eat a few of them?

Several weeks ago Miss H, The Mother, and me joined a swap. It is a Pincushion ( Skinny Pinny) swap.  We haven't been in a swap before! And it's quite exciting.  We all got partners to make a pincushion for - even me!  Yesterday we posted them all off to lovely peoples in the States - adding yummy NZ chocolate of course!

A few days ago this Valentine's Day card - isn't it so coolio, it has a sheep on it!!! - arrived for me with a message saying that my parcel will soon be on its way. I am sooooooooooo excited. 

The Mother's pincushion arrived yesterday and she absolutely loves it!!! And look at all the goodies it came with. The Mother has been grinning from ear to ear ever since it arrived. She put the skinny pincushion next to her machine and it hasn't moved since and she sighs happily whenever she sticks another pin into it.

 *Message from Miss H: Baa disappeared sometime in the early hours of this morning (he often sneaks off to requisition chocolate off The Boss) and when he didn't return for several hours I decided to go looking for him.

"Baa, what are you doing in the mailbox?" I asked.
He innocently replied, "I am waiting for the mail lady and I shall not leave - not even for food - until MY parcel arrives."
 At that point I mentioned that I thought I could smell the Mother baking chocolate brownies - he sprung out of the mailbox in an instant.

*It's Baa again.
She tricked me - there were NO brownies - so now I am back in the mailbox waiting... but this time I am more comfortable (and I have a supply of food and drink.)

Still the mailbox.........alone........

Love From

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines and A Walk in The Gardens.

Hello Peeps,

Happy Valentines!

Garden of Grace Quilt Update:

Lying on a bed of hexagon flowers.  Miss H has now completed 71 of them!!!

Today was the second to last day of "Sculptures in the Park" at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. So the Mother, the Boss, Miss H, me and the Enemy decided to go for a walk to look at the sculptures.

 Me and the Enemy with one of my favourite sculptures. It reminds me of Shadowfax from the Lord of the Rings.

 Unfortunately there were no eagles around (like Frodo and Sam rode) but the Magpie made a good substitute.

Hmmm...I am sitting on the fence - I can't decide if this is one of my top three favourites...

 Riding a rabbit's pet crab.

Sadly I didn't get the pouch that the Mother made for her sewing room. But a little while ago she had made these pouches when recycling some old jeans and she said I was welcome to them.  


It's very dark in here!  Help!

We found some more sculptures hanging in the trees. 

Look at the pretty recycled birds nest - it even has some stones which look like eggs in it. 

This is what Miss H is stitching at the moment. It is a pattern from Jenny of Elefantz from several years ago.

Love From

Saturday, 8 February 2014


Hello Peeps,

Miss H wrote out all the numbers and put them in The Boss's hat.

  and he drew out a number...



 Guess who else won today? The NZ Sevens team!

This is us scoring one of our 3 tries in the final. 

Sevens teams play around the world in a series tournament. We lost in the final last week to South Africa in Las Vegas. Today we beat South Africa 21 - 0. So at the moment we are top of the table! 

Must dash to write to Siouxzq64.

Love From