Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines and A Walk in The Gardens.

Hello Peeps,

Happy Valentines!

Garden of Grace Quilt Update:

Lying on a bed of hexagon flowers.  Miss H has now completed 71 of them!!!

Today was the second to last day of "Sculptures in the Park" at the Auckland Botanical Gardens. So the Mother, the Boss, Miss H, me and the Enemy decided to go for a walk to look at the sculptures.

 Me and the Enemy with one of my favourite sculptures. It reminds me of Shadowfax from the Lord of the Rings.

 Unfortunately there were no eagles around (like Frodo and Sam rode) but the Magpie made a good substitute.

Hmmm...I am sitting on the fence - I can't decide if this is one of my top three favourites...

 Riding a rabbit's pet crab.

Sadly I didn't get the pouch that the Mother made for her sewing room. But a little while ago she had made these pouches when recycling some old jeans and she said I was welcome to them.  


It's very dark in here!  Help!

We found some more sculptures hanging in the trees. 

Look at the pretty recycled birds nest - it even has some stones which look like eggs in it. 

This is what Miss H is stitching at the moment. It is a pattern from Jenny of Elefantz from several years ago.

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  1. Fun pictures! A nearby city here has a sculpture walk every summer that I love to see. And Baa, I'm glad you got a pouch :)

  2. Baa what a wonderful day exploring the sculptures! Such a lovely change to see your summery weather compared to our oodles of snow.

  3. I love your post today Miss H. The garden sculptures are great. You are so creative! And those grandmother's garden blocks are really coming along! I wish I had mine with me! 71!?! That's amazing! Keep up the great sewing! I am inspired.