Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I LURVE the Mail Lady!

 Hello Peeps,

 Look at the Mother's beautiful pink roses. Do you think she will notice if I eat a few of them?

Several weeks ago Miss H, The Mother, and me joined a swap. It is a Pincushion ( Skinny Pinny) swap.  We haven't been in a swap before! And it's quite exciting.  We all got partners to make a pincushion for - even me!  Yesterday we posted them all off to lovely peoples in the States - adding yummy NZ chocolate of course!

A few days ago this Valentine's Day card - isn't it so coolio, it has a sheep on it!!! - arrived for me with a message saying that my parcel will soon be on its way. I am sooooooooooo excited. 

The Mother's pincushion arrived yesterday and she absolutely loves it!!! And look at all the goodies it came with. The Mother has been grinning from ear to ear ever since it arrived. She put the skinny pincushion next to her machine and it hasn't moved since and she sighs happily whenever she sticks another pin into it.

 *Message from Miss H: Baa disappeared sometime in the early hours of this morning (he often sneaks off to requisition chocolate off The Boss) and when he didn't return for several hours I decided to go looking for him.

"Baa, what are you doing in the mailbox?" I asked.
He innocently replied, "I am waiting for the mail lady and I shall not leave - not even for food - until MY parcel arrives."
 At that point I mentioned that I thought I could smell the Mother baking chocolate brownies - he sprung out of the mailbox in an instant.

*It's Baa again.
She tricked me - there were NO brownies - so now I am back in the mailbox waiting... but this time I am more comfortable (and I have a supply of food and drink.)

Still the mailbox.........alone........

Love From

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  1. Oh Baa so many lovely things! Waiting in the mailbox may frighten the postal lady. Maybe you should just keep an eye on the box from the window.