Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saturday Show: Seasonal Cats and a Model Train

Hello Peeps,

Today's Show is a wallhanging made by the Mother.

Isn't it so coolio?

Summer is my favourite time of year - and this summer seems to be lasting a VERY looong time YAY!!!

 It looks like the leaf is going to land on the cats nose. Heehee. 

Winters where I live are usually rainy and dreary - but this cat is having fun in the winter time. 

Mmmm... I'm sure those Easter eggs are chocolate.
Can you see the cat's bunny ears?

Each corner of the wallhanging has a cute seasonal stitchery too.

Today Miss H, The Mother, The Boss, Me and Grandma borrowed a friend's toddler so we could go for a ride on the model trains. There was steam powered ones, diesel powered ones, and electric ones too.

This is one of the coolio engines.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Swap Happy.

Hello Peeps,

Earlier this month Miss H and the Mother participated in Jenny of Elefantz stitchery swap.  See what they made here.

Look what the Mother's swap partner sent her.

Yes, it was the wonderful Jenny herself who was the swap partner!  Yipee!!

Isn't this gorgeous?!

And look some more lovelies too.  In fact she sent lots of things but I better not show them all as you will get jealous! The Mother can be seen in her chair stroking the box they came in - all Lord of the Rings like - going ' precious......"  She loves them all and they made her feel very happy!
Hannah is still waiting for her swap - she looks each day in the letter box, hoping and then sighing as the Mother says "don't worry" it will come tomorrow.
Love From
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Very Grateful Gratitude Jars!

Hello Peeps,

Today is the day I show you what the Mother and Miss H designed for their gratitude jars. The Mother designed two patterns and Miss H designed one. All stitchery was done by Miss H, and the Mother put them all three together.  

And... Here they are!


 The Mother designed this one - it's called I Am Grateful.

Isn't it so coolio how the words form the stem?

The Mother added a butterfly and a bee to the side of her flower pot stitchery.

This stitchery was also designed by the Mother. It's called Buzz.  

This last one was designed by Miss H. It's name is cherry. (She obviously had food on her mind when she designed it, just like me!)

Mmmmm... yummy. Cherry topped cupcakes. I would be cherry grateful if I got to eat one. 

This is how the wraps look without their jars. 

If you would like to make one of these stitcheries, write a comment below asking us to send them to you and we will.  :)

Love From
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Saturday Show: Flower Friends

Hello Peeps,

Today's Show is a wallhanging that lives in the sewing room (there are several in the small room). 

Isn't it so coolio?

So true.

Mmmm... these flowers smell lurvely!

Love From
Baa. xxx

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Chinese New Year.

 Hello Peeps,

 Today is Chinese New Year!

Last year was the Year of the Horse. 
(Joey, in the picture, is actually a camel but he agreed to model as a horse.)

This year it is all about...


And all my woolly friends! 

 It is the Year of the Sheep!


Miss H stitched up the stitchery I designed, and the Mother sewed it.

It's a wrap for my white button bottle.

I wanted a marshmellow bottle, but Miss H said buttons would last longer.  Hmmm... that's because they don't taste nearly as good as marshmellows...

I hope that you have a BAA-RILLANT year. 

And don't forget to give a sheep a hug (and some chocolate!) this Chinese New Year. 

Love From
Baa. xxx

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Pattern Designers.

Hello Peeps.

Miss H and the Mother decided to try something they had never done before - design a stitchery pattern.
The Mother was looking on the internet when she came across something called a gratitude jar and she thought, "What a great idea! We should stitch a little pattern to surround the jar." 

So, fueled with tea, a banana, and Grandma's YUMMY sultana cake (more than one piece was needed - heehee) they set to work designing.

I also decided to design - mainly because they wouldn't share the cake unless I did some work!

Ohh, look - it's ME!!!

I think this would make the BEST stitchery EVER!!!
(See what I did with my design on Thursday.)

Here is one of the jars they are going to use.

And a sneaky peak. I took this while Miss H and the Mother weren't looking. Heehee!

Pop by next Tuesday to see what my assistants designed and to get the free patterns so you can make one too if you want.

Love From
Baa. xxx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Saturday Show: Heard Your Heart Say

Hello Peeps,


Miss H made this chocolate cake with a heart inside for the Mother...

...and a heart shaped tea-bag to go with her cake. 

The Mother made this little birdie for Miss H. His name is Sweet Tweet.

Today's quilt was made by Miss H. And it's got a whole lotta LOVE in it!

Miss H got the idea for the words at the top of the quilt from the song "Love, Love, Love" by Avalanche City.

Can you see the heart in blue thread? Miss H quilted three of them. 

Sweet Tweet and I LOVE this quilt.

Ohhh, look. An infinity symbol - because the LOVE in this quilt is infinity times infinity times infinity...

Hope you have a LOVEly Valentines Day!

Lots of LOVE

From Baa. xxx

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Stitch and Swap!

Hello Peeps,

 The Mother and Miss H (with my help) participated in a sewing swap organised by the Wonderful Jenny of Jenny of Elefantz - who creates the most WONDERFUL stitcheries! That is a whole lot of WONDERFULNESS!
Everyone should join her cool Stitchery club and receive wonderful stitchery patterns every month!

Miss H had such fun doing both of the stitcheries for the two lovely ladies who they were being sent too.
Of course, she just had to stitch the sewing machine in gorgeous variegated thread (aqua and red!).

I got Miss H and the Mother to put the stitcheries in hoops as they hadn't really tried that before. The sewing machine is in Cottage Garden threads.

Isn't it so pretty and WONDERFUL?
It arrived safely at its destination - MacDonald's Patch!

And look at this pretty birdie! (Heehee, more aqua!) 

Oooooh....close ups..... Clever bird is helping with the sewing.....useful as the Mother is getting older and can hardly see to thread her needle these days ...hee.....hee.....

Aren't those pins adorable? 
 The birdie is winging his way much, much further...
Love From
Baa. xxx