Saturday, 28 February 2015

Saturday Show: Seasonal Cats and a Model Train

Hello Peeps,

Today's Show is a wallhanging made by the Mother.

Isn't it so coolio?

Summer is my favourite time of year - and this summer seems to be lasting a VERY looong time YAY!!!

 It looks like the leaf is going to land on the cats nose. Heehee. 

Winters where I live are usually rainy and dreary - but this cat is having fun in the winter time. 

Mmmm... I'm sure those Easter eggs are chocolate.
Can you see the cat's bunny ears?

Each corner of the wallhanging has a cute seasonal stitchery too.

Today Miss H, The Mother, The Boss, Me and Grandma borrowed a friend's toddler so we could go for a ride on the model trains. There was steam powered ones, diesel powered ones, and electric ones too.

This is one of the coolio engines.

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. such fine stitchings and oh so purrrrfect colours....

  2. Your seasonal kitties are sew sweet! I like the red blocks. At first I thought they might be bandanas. I am going to have send this link to my kitty loving sititchin' sisters as I know they will love it too.

    Seeing life through the eyes of a little one always makes for a fun adventure. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  3. The seasonal kitties are very cute. Love the train engine. How fun to go and have a ride.

  4. Gorgeous wallhanging there Baa. Love the seasonal stitcheries, spring is my favourite season :-) Hope you enjoyed the Engines. Have a great week x0x