Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Hello Peeps,

Miss H's parcel arrived on Sunday - YAY!!!  It had been sent to her old house, and so on Sunday the nice man who now lives there gave Miss H her mail. She nearly snatched it out of his hand when she realized what it was (but her manners were remembered just in time, heehee).

And look what her swap partner, the lovely Wendy from Sugarlane Quilts, sent.

Isn't it sooooo COOLIO? It hangs on the sewing room door (she couldn't bear hiding it in a wardrobe) so she can see it every day.

Miss H loves it to bits (not literally).
And it smells sooo yummy too!

 The lovely Wendy also made Miss H an "H" in aqua, red and pink!

The picture frame sits on Miss H's desk.  And makes her HAPPY!

Look at the coolio postcards. 

This building was in the movie Australia (the one with Hugh Jackman in it). 

Thank you sooo much Wendy - Miss H absolutely lurves her gifts!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. there is nothing as sweet as knowing someone thought of you while they were stitching... lovely gifts

  2. I'm so glad it finally arrived. The door hanger and framed initial are gorgeous. Wendy has stitched some beautiful gifts for Miss H.

  3. Lovely gifts and gorgeous stitching. xx

  4. GAWJUS!! I saw these 'for real' before Wendy sent them....deliciousness. :-)

  5. They are gorgeous, it looks like very special mail!! xx

  6. Just beautiful :-) How wonderful to receive such lovely goodies in the post - I'll bet Miss H thought it was worth the long wait !!! That doorhanger is such a neat idea.