Monday, 9 March 2015

What we have been up to.

Hello Peeps,

Miss H accidently forgot to write the post for the Saturday Show last Saturday. It is REALLY hard to find good assistants! There will definitely be a Saturday Show this Saturday.

Miss H has been sewing blocks for a new quilt. Thses are just a few of them on her design board. 

She has also been stitching some cute Star Wars stitcheries by Wild Olive. Free patterns HERE!

The Mother sewed this cute stamped birdie with a hand stitched twig and berries in its mouth into a pincushion.

 She also made this coolio "Enter your pin" pincushion. She got the idea off Pinterest.

I wonder what she will be making with these blocks. She has sewen quite a few...

On Sunday Miss H, the Mother and the Boss (they forgot me! See what I mean about finding good assisants - REALLY HARD to find) went to watch the NZ Breakers play in Game 2 (they had already won Game 1) of the ANBL (Australian National Basketball League) Final. Although the Breakers are from New Zealand (which is definitely not part of Australia) they are allowed to play in the league. 

And guess what? They won!!! On the very last shot!  
The NZ Breakers have won the ANBL 4 times in the past five years! And they are the ONLY New Zealand team in the Aussie league. YAY for New Zealand.

Miss H took this picture of the Breakers with their championship rings. 

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Hello Baa! What a nice post and lovely projects! I especially like the pincushions! :) x

  2. pincushions...such fine treats to make...good morning here...likely evening for you...hope you had a fine day ..

  3. Beautiful little blocks Baa & Miss H. - I especially love the embroidered ones! The pincushion cracked me up!

  4. Hello Baa - really lovely blocks & Oh those pincushions ... too cute !!! I just love them - pinterest has such great ideas.