Saturday, 14 March 2015

Saturday Show: Eye Spy Quilt

Hello Peeps,

Today's Show is the Geek's Eye Spy Quilt. The Mother made it years ago when he was a lot younger (now he is in his last year of his course at university and he wants a new quilt). However he still uses his Eye Spy Quilt.

The Mother braved the Geek's room so Miss H could take photos of the quilt. Isn't it coolio?

 Heehee. It has a pink square!

The Mother hand stitched it.

 And added buttons too. 

This chicken block is one of my favourites.

Even the back has soooo much to look at. 

Oh, look! There is even a sheep on the quilt!

Right now Miss H is on a tramp in Pirongia Forest Park - I hope she is having fun!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. yes there is a sheep and each time I see her she makes everything come to life..

  2. I always love a good eye-spy quilt! I love making them as baby quilts :)

  3. I was always going to make the boys an eye spy quilt but just never got around to it. The one Mother made is lovely.

  4. That quilt is beautiful Baa ... love the sheep on it :-) You are right, the back is just as interesting as the front. Hope Miss H isnt getting blown away in the wind on Mt Pirongia.

  5. What a lovely colourful quilt and I love the back!

  6. So many lovely things on your blog lately. This quilt is great, finding the hidden pictures is always fun. Love the look of the yummy baking on the previous post too! xx