Sunday, 29 September 2019

Creative World

Hello Peeps,

First, a Snowy update. He is all healed up now. The steroid meds the vet put him on worked very well and he didn't have to go back to the vets, or wear another cone of shame. Unfortunately, the vet wrote the wrong instructions on the steroids meds and so Miss H had to go ask the vet and get more meds, which means even weeks after his foot has healed he still has 5 days more of steroids as he has to finish the course. Grrrr. Thankfully, they don't upset his tummy, AND he is getting more cheese than usual so he can't complain too much! 

Miss H has seen a lot of creativity over the last couple of weekends and she wanted me to share them with you. I wasn't invited to go and join in the fun, but she gave me chocolate to eat to drown my sorrows of not going on the adventures. 

One of the teachers at Miss H's centre was getting married and Miss H and the Mother were invited (the whole family knows the wonderful teacher). It was a backyard wedding and Grandma had grown beautiful flowers in pots to add to the already amazing garden. The cutest thing was the teacher's nephew (who goes to Miss H's centre) rode his plastic ride on motorbike around the pool to give the rings. It truly was a lovely wedding.

The wedding favours were amazingly adorable. The teacher had crocheted a little bear for every person. These are the Mother's and Miss H's bears. 

The Mother's brown bear is called Cocoa, and Miss H's is called Oscar. Aren't they sooooo coolio? They have joined our collection. 

Then over this weekend, Miss H, the Mother and the Boss went to Drury School's Calf Club Day where Miss H's head teacher's child goes. She had told Miss H that they did their Calf Club Days really well and the children work on their art for two terms.

Now I don't know if they do Calf Club Days overseas but here in New Zealand it is something that country schools do. Sometimes they are called Ag (Agricultural) Day. When Miss H was primary school aged she went to a country school that did Calf Clubs and she always found them such fun. However, as they did not live in rural area, she wasn't allowed a calf, or goat, or sheep. One year her brother, the Geek, had chickens that he raised. The idea behind Calf Club is to raise a baby animal, and then you show it off and compete for who has the best one, the one who listens, the condition of the animal, etc. But the children also work on art and display it to be judged by class/year, as well as baking.

I hope all that makes sense. Anyway, Miss H loved it as the art work was so stunning and she took LOTS of photos. WARNING: Photo overload below.

I will start with the most exciting art that the children did. This was the 9-10 year old class and they did long stitch tapestry.  

This is the one done by the Head Teacher's daughter. It won first place. Woohoo! 

In Ohakune in New Zealand there is a massive carrot statue and this child did it in tapestry - how coolio is that!!!


These are some of the other AMAZING tapestry pieces. 

One of the 11-12 year olds did this macarame. Doesn't it look great?

The young children made cute rock pet gardens. I think they are so coolio!

These are an overview of different art from the different age groups. Everyone did such a good job - it was soooo nice to see their creativity. 
Each child also did some type of floral decoration. 

The little ones did a grass head. It wouldn't be Calf Club without a grass head!

One class made coolio kites. I have to say that Dumbo is my favourite, but the blue bird won first place. 

Miss H LURVED this Cathedral Cove painting. It was definitely one of her favourite pictures of the whole competition. 

These were also done by the 9-10 year olds who had done the tapestry. The last picture is the one done by the daughter of the head teacher. 

She also got second place for her baking. They were all given the same recipe and then judged on it. 
In addition, she had a goat.  Her goat was naughty!!! Boy, oh boy was she busy!

Lastly, is these amazing cat and dog faces. They were stunning in real life!

Miss H is now on preschool holidays for the next two weeks. She is trying something new in her handstitching which I can't wait to share with you. But she doesn't want it shown until she is finished. 

The Mother Update: She is really good, just feedup with being home all the time. But now that both Miss H and the Boss have holidays they will take her for lots of different adventures. One of which is a trip to a quilt shop down country. Woohoo!

Love from,
Baa. xxx

Friday, 13 September 2019

Paws and Threads

Hello Peeps,

The Mother has been back from her hip operation for two weeks now. It was a bit rough for her the first few days home as she must have caught a bug or food didn't agree with her meds. But now she is as right as rain!

However, Silly Snowy decided that he wanted to sympathize with the Mother and so he got a sore foot on the day after her surgery. Miss H and the Boss had to scramble to find a vet open on Sunday. Snowy had to have antibiotics and anti-inflammatory meds. As well as a cone of shame! But the cone was too small and he could still reach his foot to lick it. So, back to the vets for his check-up and a BIGGER cone!

He can STILL reach his foot.


Miss H took him back to the vet on Monday afternoon. The vet had previously said if the foot hadn't healed they would have to put him under sedation and cut it open. ARGH!

Miss H has put one of her new socks around his foot to stop him licking it, but it still looks really bad. She chose pink because he has been very naughty! And apparently Snowy is not getting the message with the cone of shame!!!

Then on the day we went back to the vet he smashed his cone from top to bottom!!! Naughty doggy!
Thankfully, the vet decided to try him on different meds which meant he no longer needs the cone. Phew! And he doesn't have to go under sedation. Double phew! Slowly, slowly his paw is getting better. But he is sulking because the vet said he isn't allowed to go for walks. 

Just before the July winter holidays, Miss H got an absolute bargain on threads wound onto bobbins and stored in two sets of 41 drawer storage boxes, cross stitching fabric, and some cross stitch patterns. So all through the two week holiday (it pretty much took the entire two weeks) Miss H wound threads from her and the Mother's supply onto bobbins before colour coding their bobbins and the ones they got in the bargain deal into the two boxes. 

Here they are all organised. She thought about doing them by number, but decided that colour ranges would be easier for her to use. 

Look at those beautiful colours - I can almost smell the lavender.

She really should of named this the chocolate range!!! YUMMY!

Just writing green and blue on the labels didn't truly define what these lovely colours were. Two of Miss H's favourite drawers!

I'm tickled pink by these drawers. 

Miss H thought these would be the hardest threads to match anything with - but just this week she found that they perfectly suited the material she is using for her freinds' Christmas presents. 

These are kept sepraterly in a thread box becasue they are all lights and Miss H wasn't sure how many little boxes she would fill with all the other thread when she filled this one. 

These are the threads still in the bottom long drawers as Miss H had had enough winding and sorting by then. 

I think of beautiful warm sunshine whenever I open these drawers. 

Ahhhhhh... It feels as if I am swimming in an ocean of blue. 

I can see that Miss H was definetly going colour blind after the rainbow of colours. She clearly can't tell that these threads are purple... or are they brown? 

And of course one must have a drawer for all the varigated threads.

Miss H loves that everything is now organised. When starting a stitching project she used to dive into the tangle of the Mother's threads and chosse some ones she liked and once she was finished would try to match some fabric. But now, she chooses her fabric first and opens the relevant drawers to easily find the matching threads.

Now I better go and help Miss H. She has already ruined one chocolate banana bread by forgetting half the ingredients and I don't want her to ruin her second attempt.

Love from
Baa. xxx