Thursday, 26 February 2015

Swap Happy.

Hello Peeps,

Earlier this month Miss H and the Mother participated in Jenny of Elefantz stitchery swap.  See what they made here.

Look what the Mother's swap partner sent her.

Yes, it was the wonderful Jenny herself who was the swap partner!  Yipee!!

Isn't this gorgeous?!

And look some more lovelies too.  In fact she sent lots of things but I better not show them all as you will get jealous! The Mother can be seen in her chair stroking the box they came in - all Lord of the Rings like - going ' precious......"  She loves them all and they made her feel very happy!
Hannah is still waiting for her swap - she looks each day in the letter box, hoping and then sighing as the Mother says "don't worry" it will come tomorrow.
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. isn't that lovely ...what is that drawing ? lol I have a distant reminder but need some help

  2. Lucky Mother to receive some of Jenny's beautiful stitching. How great does the sewing machine look in that gorgeous frame! Hopefully Miss H's parcel arrives soon. xx

  3. Hi Baa ... just playing catchup on my blog reading (have been away down the Island) ... I am green with envy of what you received from Jenny. Just beautiful all of it ... how wonderful. Hope Miss H has received her parcel by now :-)

  4. She must have really caught my LOTR luvs the pwecious. xx