Thursday, 12 February 2015

Stitch and Swap!

Hello Peeps,

 The Mother and Miss H (with my help) participated in a sewing swap organised by the Wonderful Jenny of Jenny of Elefantz - who creates the most WONDERFUL stitcheries! That is a whole lot of WONDERFULNESS!
Everyone should join her cool Stitchery club and receive wonderful stitchery patterns every month!

Miss H had such fun doing both of the stitcheries for the two lovely ladies who they were being sent too.
Of course, she just had to stitch the sewing machine in gorgeous variegated thread (aqua and red!).

I got Miss H and the Mother to put the stitcheries in hoops as they hadn't really tried that before. The sewing machine is in Cottage Garden threads.

Isn't it so pretty and WONDERFUL?
It arrived safely at its destination - MacDonald's Patch!

And look at this pretty birdie! (Heehee, more aqua!) 

Oooooh....close ups..... Clever bird is helping with the sewing.....useful as the Mother is getting older and can hardly see to thread her needle these days ...hee.....hee.....

Aren't those pins adorable? 
 The birdie is winging his way much, much further...
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. My hoop is just gorgeous. Thank you Baa, Miss H and Mother. The little bird is gorgeous too.

  2. Hello Baa ... I joined Jennys monthly stitchery club recently but somehow I missed out enrolling for the swap. I shall plan for the next one. Your stitcheries are just beautiful, Love the Cottage Garden Thread, just sets it off so well.

  3. I love my pretty bird - thank you so much. xx