Thursday, 12 November 2015

Finishing School Quilt: Work, L Plate, Letter, and Fish

Hello Peeps,

This block represents the Community Center where Miss H works.

In June Miss H got her Learner's License. The Mother is a very calm when teaching Miss H to drive - although she has screamed "BRAKE" several times...

Miss H has a pen pal who she writes to by snail mail. This block represents all the letters she has sent and received.

The Mother, Miss H and the Boss absolutely LURVE the beach. And seeing as she couldn't put sand in her quilt (I did suggest it could be added to the batting...) she decided to add a fish.
P.S. Continuing with our electronics disasters: the Mother's Surface decided to kick the bucket and has to be replaced - which means it is getting a plane ride all the way to Australia!
Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. More lovely blocks! Sorry to hear about another electronics disaster.... strange how electronic items always seem to self destruct just before Christmas! Christine x

  2. Great blocks. Another computer problem. So I am going to assume the surface is not all it is claiming to be. I just love all of the blocks for Miss H

  3. What wonderful memories will be in this quilt! In our house we refer to disasters such as those you're going through as the 'galloping ick' - it seems once one thing decides to happen, there are more in rapid succession.

  4. More lovely blocks. I hope you get all your electronic worries fixed up.

  5. Really lovely blocks Baa ... look forward to seeing the finished quilt - Miss H is sure covering everything ... how wonderful. Please tell the Mother that we all scream BRAKE when teaching our younger ones to drive ... & even a few other words get thrown in sometimes too !!!!###***

  6. Oh no! More expense!! Lovely blocks, I'm looking forward to seeing them all put together. xx

  7. Happy belated birthday to the very WONDERUL Mother. xxxx