Sunday, 2 April 2017

The Unicorn of the Sea

Hello Peeps,

March has marched on very quickly. It has been a month full of assignments, health issues, very little crafting and only a few blog posts.

But now it is April - Miss H's favourite month (equal with December and January). And today it was Miss H's birthday!!! She has officially left teenage-hood! 20! Wow! Miss H is soooooooooo old!!!

Her birthday party's theme was Narwhals - the unicorn of the sea!!!

This is the amazing cake that the wonderful Miss Bee made.
I lurve the waves around the outside of the cake. So coolio!

Aren't they just the cutest narwhals??? What adorable horns!!!
  The pink one was chopped up because the little girls at the party wanted to eat her.

But the blue one is still all together. And he can't stop smiling about that!

Miss Bee created her first checkerboard cake. Doesn't it look amazing?!
And it has two of Miss H's favourite colours.

There were three cute girls (3 to 5 years old) and Miss H found a coolio whale craft that she changed into a narwhal craft.

These are the two older girls' narwhals. I think they are sooooo coolio! They cut them out themselves.

Here is the side view. The girls lurved making them!

Love From
Baa. xxx


  1. Many Happy Returns Hannah! Hope you have an amazing year. Beautiful cake. Lots of love from France. xx

  2. Very happy birth day wishes (albeit now a bit tardy!) to Miss H. Love that cake!

  3. Congratulations Miss H on a Big "0" day. May you have many more. Good thing you have a sheepio to give you lots of luv.

  4. Gosh warmest congratulations to Hannah on turning the big 2 0 !!!! Belated birthday wishes. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. That cake is simply amazing !!!

  5. Happy Birthday Hannah! Hope you had the most wonderful day! Christine x

  6. Happy birthday Hannah! Welcome to the next decade. Love the cake.