Monday, 26 May 2014

A Winner and Miss H's New Bed Quilt!

Hello Peeps,

 The winner of my Blog Birthday Giveaway is...


YAY!!! I shall email you soon.
Thank you to everyone who commented. I really enjoyed reading your comments. 

I could not wait any longer to show you "Not For Notting Did I Make This Quilt But Because I Love You"! It is soooo beautiful - and in my professional opinion my favouritest quilt in the whole wide universe!!!

Not For Notting Did I Make This Quilt But Because I Love You - Sewn and quilted by The Mother.
This is the AMAZING quilt. Miss H LURVES it to bits (not literally...)! It was made for her new bedroom (I will show you another picture when it is in its proper place).

The Mother did lovely sqiuggly lines as the quilting - it looks VERY COOLIO!

The pattern is "Summer in the Park" by English Street Quilts. The Mother made it bigger so it would fit Miss H's bed. The fabric is Notting Hill by Robyn Pandolph.

Ah... I could lie here forever! It is soooo soft.

Look at the fabric The Mother used for the backing. Heehee. Elephants!

She is also planning on making this into a pillow to match the quilt. And maybe a drawstring bag for Miss H's PJs out of some other left over fabric.


  1. Beautiful quilt and quilting and congratulations to Heidi!

  2. Very pretty! Congrats Heidi!

  3. Love the quilt! And the pillow will be perfect as well :) I'm looking forward to playing with the fabric... Thank you again!!!