Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Queen's Un-Birthday Weekend!

Hello Peeps,

The Queen has an Unbirthday Birthday (actually quite a few...). Last weekend was NZ's Queen's Birthday Weekend (apparently every commonwealth nation chooses a weekend to celebrate her birthday each year) and so we got Monday off.  YIPEE!!!

 Happy UnBirthday Queen Elizabeth II!!!

On Sunday we went to Whitianga.

There was a lovely beach that Miss H, Kit Kat and I walked along. 

And a playground. Miss H let me have a go on the swing. She put the clip on so I would be safe. 

 Sitting in the middle of the "sun."

Uh, Miss H this is a VERY long slide.


Then we traveled to Pauanui and stayed the night. The next day - the Queen's UnBirthday - Me, Kit Kat and Miss H went on an adventure.

Look at the COOLIO lunch box. 

Kit Kat and Miss H decided to put me in all sorts of different trees.

Kit Kat climbed up this tree and stuck me on a branch before leaving me ALL ALONE up there.

It was sooooooooooo high up. VERY VERY scary! I had to cling on for dear life.

This was my favourite tree that they put me in. It had such a lovely view... and it wasn't too high. 

Love From   
Baa. xxx

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  1. I love your pictures when you go on adventures! Thanks for sharing.