Monday, 9 June 2014

Batty House and a Banana Man.

Hello Peeps,

The house has gone batty!!! On Friday the batts started to be put into the walls.

The proper name is earth-wool. It is for insulation and noise deading.

A lot of the wiring has been done as well.

This is Miss H's door. (Classified information: This door is going to be painted a bright colour, but that is all I can tell you...)

Miss H wedged me into the door frame. YOUCH!!!

I decided to have a bit of a rest on the Gib on the floor. Hopefully it will be put up soon once the batts are all in.

Oh look. It is made in NZ like me.

Miss H told me there was chocolate in this container. To which I replied "They look like nails."
"Oh, yes, they are - nail shaped chocolate." Miss H assured me.

Um,  they don't taste like chocolate... they have more of a metallic flavour...

The Mother and Miss H made a banana man on Sunday. 

Isn't he soooo coolio? He has olive slices for his eyes, a slice of tomato for his mouth, and a leaf of lettuce for his eyebrows.

Love From
Baa. xxx

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