Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Moving and Samples!

Hello Peeps,

Last Thursday we started moving into our new house. Which we are still in the process of doing. Everything is a mess!!! The Mother and Miss H refused to let me take any pictures - not until it is all done! Or at least until I nab the camera and take some photo's without them seeing!  Hee..hee...

So I thought I would show you some cool fabric that Miss H and the Mother got a couple of weeks ago. They walked into the local fabric shop and the lovely lady was sorting through the samples ready to put them in the $1 basket. The shop is given the samples to choose which fabric they want.

I sent them to the fabric shop to get felt and some thread and they come back with over 20 pieces of fabric!!! (And yes, they did remember the felt and thread.)  I am NEVER letting them loose in the fabric store again.

Miss H found some April Showers sample pieces. She was smiling all day. 

The Mother got lots and lots of red fabric which she is going to use in a quilt she has in mind.

 These funky bits of fabric are going to be used to make some very coolio pouches.

What can I say? Chickens and mustaches!

 Back to unpacking now.
Lots of Love 
From Baa. xxx 

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