Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A Present From Aunty M!

 Hello Peeps,

Poor Miss H has been sick for nearly two weeks now with a cold and the flu. But  she is all better now.

Last week a parcel arrived for Miss H from Aunty M. She had sent it in March from Canada and it took nearly three months to arrive!

But it was so coolio when it did arrive and Miss H was so happy when she opened it.  A lovely hand-made card and lots of goodies.

Isn't this coolio?  She can make her own iron caddy pad to hold a small iron in and travel with it, then open it up and iron her quilting blocks.  She thinks its great and can't wait to sew it up.  Aunty M sent it especially for when Miss H goes down to the beach.

Hee...hee...I am the tape measure bandit!

Oh, look....practicing to be Joseph for the Christmas play.  Ha!  Such fun playing with Miss H's goodies.

Thank you so much Aunty M. 
Miss H loves everything.

Lots of Love
Baa. xxx

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  1. Wow 3 months? That is a very slow boat to get there. Can't wait to see the caddy when it is finished. Glad Miss H is feeling better.