Sunday, 22 September 2013


YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!  It's My Birthday!!!

Yesterday (NZT) was my birthday, but because the weather was so dreary we had my party today.

Miss H made me a special hot chocolate with marshmellows! 


 Thank you Miss H!

Then my friends, Cuddles and Nibbolet, arrived for my party. 

"Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday to ME! Happy Birthday Dear ME! Happy Birthday to ME!" 

POP!POP! Heeheehee! We are all covered in streamers!!!

Everyone had a fun time!!!

Then the Mother surprised me, she had made me a gift!

My very own, brand new, hand made sleeping bag!!!

It is sooooooooooooooooo warm and snuggly! I just LURVE it! Thank you to the Mother!!!

 Look! It even has a coolio Lamb on it!!!

 My Birthday and Party were wonderful and I am looking forward to another year of AMAZING adventures!

Baa. xxx

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  1. Sorry I missed your birthday Baa! Seems like it was a good one. Great gift mother! Baa looks so snuggly in his new sleeping bag. Lovely sewing.