Monday, 16 September 2013

A Present and a Macaroon!

Welcome back to my blog!
I am HAPPY!  The All Blacks (NZ National Rugby Team!) beat the Boks (South African Team.) 29-15!   Yay!

Miss H got her birthday present today from The Chocolate Counselor (Kit Kat's Mother). It is only 6 months late for her birthday...

It is the coolio-est mug!  With OWLS on it!

 Bottoms up!

 The Mother and the Boss went to the movies and afterwards they went to MacDonalds. The Mother got me a macaroon.

 See my delicious purple macaroon. She got it specially for me (Baa) because she knows that they are my favourite food!

 Thank you Mother for my macaroon!  YUMMY!!! YUMMY!!! YUMMY!!!

Love from Baa. xxx

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