Monday, 26 August 2013

Miss H's Hexagon Quilt!!!

Miss H was able to find a 1" template off the internet and so has decided to put the cushion to one side for a little long while... and start on her hexagon quilt.

Thanks to Madam Samm who pinned a lot of hexagon ideas Miss H has had lot's of inspiration. Madam Samm is doing a hexagon blog hop at the moment so don't forget to check out what people are doing.

So Miss H got everything she needed to start stitching her hexagons. She used a Fons & Porter glue pen instead of basting her hexagons.

This is one of her favourites. Miss H LOVES aqua!

I think this red one is sooooo coolio! 

So far Miss H has stitched 6 hexagon flowers. She needs over 100 of them... So many hexagons!!!

I have been busy doing very important things like:

Eating a chocolate cupcake!!!   Mmmmm... chocolate

And laughing at the Enemy's bad hair day.  Heeheehee!!!

Baa. xxx


  1. LOVE those hexies, Miss H! Especially the aqua and red. Those two colours should marry each other because they are perfect together.
    Good luck on all those hexies...I am in awe! Have never made one, no never. You'll inspire me.

  2. Those are sew pretty. Can't wait to see the quilt. I hope you enjoyed that cupcake it looks yummy!